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07 Dec 05

camh’s mystery structure

a couple of weeks ago, this bizarre structure showed up on the grounds of camh on queen west (aka the crazy house) without any indication of its purpose:

it was clearly dragged onto the grounds, judging from the dug up dirt underneath its “tracks”. it’s shaped like a small house or tent, but there didn’t appear to be any way to get inside. i couldn’t really see what was inside too clearly, so no clues there.

the plot thickened when i walked by the structure at night:

it appeared to be full of that pink fibreglass insulation stuff, and was illuminated somehow. that didn’t really help me with its purpose, but it made me more interesting.

finally, on the day before it vanished from whence it came, i saw a practical purpose for the structure:

it can be used as a message board for the crazies.

and now that it’s gone, i miss it.

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