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30 Nov 05

my office tastes like asbestos

i’ve recently moved into a new office at u of t – i.e. one that isnt tucked away in what is essentially the attic of robarts library. it’s a pretty fantastic office, all things considered. it’s enormous, it’s in the same building as my department (although i have a bit of a buffer), and it’s newly renovated. have a look:

the only downside, until this week, is that it’s directly across from the elevator, making it an extremely high traffic area. i feel like i’m in residence sometimes with people screaming down the hallways at each other.

anyway, a new development has arisen this week. my office is now being used for asbestos testing in the evenings. don’t believe me? here are the asbestos detectors:

i guess maybe that’s a sign that they feel like i’m responsible enough to not lick the equipment? or maybe they feel i’m not pulling my weight, and it’s cheaper than firing me?

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