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18 Nov 05

bell orchestre at the music gallery? perfect

a quick (much belated) note about the bell orchestre show last friday at the music gallery:

as expected, they continued the streak of fantastic music at my favourite venue. the openers, kepler (featuring mike from snailhouse/wooden stars) were not my favourite, although they had a few catchy songs scattered throughout their set. their stage banter really needs some work though, although i guess the long silences are to be expected since they apparently only tour sporadically.

bell orchestre, however, were fantastic. the set opened with the horn players (trumpet and french horn) walking through the crowd, and met the rest of the band on stage and launched into a fun, high energy, vocal-less set. as pretty much everyone in the world knows, bell orchestre features richard and sarah from a little band called arcade fire…but what i DIDN’T know was that they also feature pietro on french horn from torngat (who i’ve also seen at the music gallery…and loved), and even the aforementioned mike (wooden stars, etc.) they played most of the songs from their new album, recording a tape the colour of light, and capped off the set with the epic les lumieres pts 1 and 2. they even managed to step it up a notch for the encore when the crowd got up from their pews and crowded the stage to enjoy.

and how’s this for weird? two shows in a row at the music gallery featured a typewriter as percussion – both bell orchestre and the phonemes accomplished this feat. weird.

(for more pics, check out suckingalemon’s fantastic flickr page).

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