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12 Sep 05

sloan: old enough to be frosh’s parents

you know, there was a time when hearing about a free sloan show would’ve made me super excited. by my count, i’ve seen them 12ish times since the early 90s, and, in truth, had their output quality not dropped so significantly after navy blues, i’d probably be just as excited to see sloan show announcements.

early last week, i watched a couple guys tack up a million posters advertising the U of T frosh concert featuring, you guessed it, sloan. i made a mental note of this, and thought that i might check it out if i remembered. which i didn’t.

friday afternoon rolled around, and as i left work ready to walk home in the fabulous sun, i heard controller.controller playing on the back campus. had it been sloan, i probably would’ve just continued home, but c.c called my name. they played a pretty high energy and enjoyable set, in spite of the fact that, for once, you could see them clearly since they were forced to play in bright light (rather than their normal red light). as an aside, when the singer was taking various pictures near me after the show, i commented on this to her and she said that she was kind of freaked out to be playing in such bright light…”everyone could see me!” but she totally seemed to enjoy it all the same.

i stuck around for the start of sloan’s set, and it was pretty much the same as what i remember from their olympic island show last summer. all singles. i left about halfway through, something i would’ve considered sacriligous in 1994, but alas. times have changed. what surprised me most about the show had nothing to do with sloan’s performance, but the fact that when they pulled out underwhelmed, the frosh kids were able to finish the line “i felt like i just ate my young”. how old were they when that song was released? 8?

anyway, kudos to u of t for booking controller.controller for frosh week, but i’m not convinced sloan was the best choice. maybe kim mitchell was booked up.

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