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08 Sep 05

clapped hands; said yeah

for a band virtually unknown outside of brooklyn a couple months ago, clap your hands say yeah sure did fill the horseshoe on saturday night. i’m pretty sure it was the most crowded i’ve ever seen the place, and that kind of turn out must put an awful lot of pressure on the band.

it’s lucky that their songs are so good, because their performance really could use some work. their banter is essentially non-existent (“wanna hear a riddle?” doesn’t count), and when your lead guitarist breaks two strings on his only guitar, banter is helpful. and hey, if they really aren’t capable of banter, some continuity between songs would at least help the process. it’s also unfortunate that the lead guitarist/singer also doesn’t really possess any charisma, and wow i wish he wouldn’t shake his head while singing so much, or do his patented “waltz with guitar” manoeuver. and they really should let the keyboardist/guitarist talk more. he at least seems somewhat interesting.

anyway, don’t get me wrong, i didn’t dislike the show. i just think i’ll like them a lot better in another year or so. the songs themselves were solid, and they even surprised us by throwing in a few new tracks in addition to most of the songs from their album. next time though, they’d better wow me.

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