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30 Sep 05

i’m your new foster father

this is officially my favourite thing of all time. as of this moment.

the shining if it were made today (via metafilter)

28 Sep 05

free futon

i’d like you all to ask yourself this question:

if you saw a futon (complete with frame and mattress) sitting outside beside your apartment building’s dumpster, would you think to yourself “what a great find!” and promptly take it for your own? if so, did you take the futon that we left outside on the weekend an hour after we left it? if so, are you really that desparate for furniture? ok, so there was nothing really wrong with it… but i guess i can’t imagine doing that myself. part of me kind of hopes that i see it set up somewhere on the grounds of the centre for addiction and mental health with one of the crazies getting comfy.

21 Sep 05


does anyone have any idea what the deal is with this street name?

i’ve noticed these signs on huron street behind robarts library, as well as on spadina just south of bloor. looks like someone got a bit creative.

update: google saves the day. apparently bpNichol was a respected canadian poet. shows what i know about “culture”. funny, i was going to note that the street name made me think of ee cummings, so i guess i was on the right track.

21 Sep 05

a kid in the hall

ok ok, so he’s no bono, but noticing mark mckinney seated next to you at sweet lulu is still pretty exciting to me (and, presumably, any other kids in the hall fan):

anne is on fire – she spotted him, just like bono.

14 Sep 05

another real celeb sighting

ok, so what’s more impressive? seeing harvey keitel on the street, or this guy?:

i vote for bono, outside of the isabel bader theatre on his way to see the leonard cohen documentary. fyi: true, there IS a bono impersonator around town this week, but the real bono was interviewed on tv on monday wearing the exact hat and sunglasses as this bono…and the throngs of people were awaiting his arrival.

it should be noted that anne saw him first, driving past us in a truck. this is noteworthy because she NEVER sees celebs, unless bry or steve constantine count. which they don’t. she also apparently saw steve page at the sufjan show on the weekend, so she was on a bit of a roll this weekend.

12 Sep 05

sloan: old enough to be frosh’s parents

you know, there was a time when hearing about a free sloan show would’ve made me super excited. by my count, i’ve seen them 12ish times since the early 90s, and, in truth, had their output quality not dropped so significantly after navy blues, i’d probably be just as excited to see sloan show announcements.

early last week, i watched a couple guys tack up a million posters advertising the U of T frosh concert featuring, you guessed it, sloan. i made a mental note of this, and thought that i might check it out if i remembered. which i didn’t.

friday afternoon rolled around, and as i left work ready to walk home in the fabulous sun, i heard controller.controller playing on the back campus. had it been sloan, i probably would’ve just continued home, but c.c called my name. they played a pretty high energy and enjoyable set, in spite of the fact that, for once, you could see them clearly since they were forced to play in bright light (rather than their normal red light). as an aside, when the singer was taking various pictures near me after the show, i commented on this to her and she said that she was kind of freaked out to be playing in such bright light…”everyone could see me!” but she totally seemed to enjoy it all the same.

i stuck around for the start of sloan’s set, and it was pretty much the same as what i remember from their olympic island show last summer. all singles. i left about halfway through, something i would’ve considered sacriligous in 1994, but alas. times have changed. what surprised me most about the show had nothing to do with sloan’s performance, but the fact that when they pulled out underwhelmed, the frosh kids were able to finish the line “i felt like i just ate my young”. how old were they when that song was released? 8?

anyway, kudos to u of t for booking controller.controller for frosh week, but i’m not convinced sloan was the best choice. maybe kim mitchell was booked up.

08 Sep 05

clapped hands; said yeah

for a band virtually unknown outside of brooklyn a couple months ago, clap your hands say yeah sure did fill the horseshoe on saturday night. i’m pretty sure it was the most crowded i’ve ever seen the place, and that kind of turn out must put an awful lot of pressure on the band.

it’s lucky that their songs are so good, because their performance really could use some work. their banter is essentially non-existent (“wanna hear a riddle?” doesn’t count), and when your lead guitarist breaks two strings on his only guitar, banter is helpful. and hey, if they really aren’t capable of banter, some continuity between songs would at least help the process. it’s also unfortunate that the lead guitarist/singer also doesn’t really possess any charisma, and wow i wish he wouldn’t shake his head while singing so much, or do his patented “waltz with guitar” manoeuver. and they really should let the keyboardist/guitarist talk more. he at least seems somewhat interesting.

anyway, don’t get me wrong, i didn’t dislike the show. i just think i’ll like them a lot better in another year or so. the songs themselves were solid, and they even surprised us by throwing in a few new tracks in addition to most of the songs from their album. next time though, they’d better wow me.

01 Sep 05

even u of t isn’t immune to typos

okay, i know, this is totally a nitpicky post, but when i saw this sign i immediately thought to myself, “would queen’s EVER let an official building sign with a clearly miscapitalized word be posted? hell no!”

u of t’s signage is quite bizarre on the whole anyway. there are, by my count, 3 styles in use, and the most prominent is the horrendous blue background/white text as pictured above. the majority of these blue signs contain 90% empty space though, which of course leads to ads and stickers covering them.

anyway, i wonder how long that typo has been on display. at least it’s not a misused apostrophe…

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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