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29 Aug 05

a mellow evening with brian borcherdt

ah yes, and chumptastic rises from the ashes. hopefully this lull has officially subsided.

saturday night at the rivoli was one of the mellowest nights of music i’ve attended in a long time. things began around 10:30 with julie fenner, your standard girl with guitar fare that generally isn’t my thing. she certainly didn’t wow me, and her mellowness didn’t do a whole lot for my tireds (or anne’s who said she only stayed awake by mentally rearranging our spare room), but i’ve definitely seen worse. her songs were pretty quirky lyrically, but in truth the only song of hers i can remember was one about someone being coked up. she also covered mayor mcca and built to spill, so she automatically gets cool points.

up next was wooly leaves, aka whil from the constantines. i’d only ever heard him sing once with the cons, and that was when they closed a kingston show with a killer version of the hip’s 50 mission cap. i’ve been wanting to see more ever since. in truth, he also opened for city field a couple months ago, but the stars were aligned against us seeing him – we chose NOT to sit in a thousand degree club to watch him, sadly. anyway, i thought he was worth the wait. his set was pretty self-depricating and shy, and consisted of him sitting on a chair with an acoustic guitar, finishing most songs with a simple “cool”, or laughing at how he screwed things up. he was mellow in an endearing way, and i enjoyed his set.

finally, brian borcherdt took the stage around 12:30. i’d only seen him once before (a solo set performed for me and about 5 other people at the elixir) and he completely wowed me. This time, he started out alone on stage, and he gradually added a 2nd guitarist and drummer as the set progressed. for the most part, his set was also quite mellow, although can’t stop loving you could’ve benefitted from some earplugs. oddly, although the show was, in brian’s words, in support of his latest album (the remains of brian borcherdt vol. 2), they didn’t play a single song from it, instead focussing on new stuff and a few older songs. regardless, it was quite enjoyable, and the night was capped off by a screening of his video for moments of protest.


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