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09 Aug 05

wolfe island music fest round up

so why did i go back to kingston on the weekend? was it merely to buy some pies? no! it was for the 3rd annual wolfe island music festival, which i’d managed to sadly miss the last two years. i had to make up for it this year, especially after hearing the line up.

we arrived at around 4:30 or so, just in time to thankfully miss betablokka, but also, as a side effect, causing us to miss tomate potate for the 22524324th straight time. i have no idea how they managed to schedule each of their shows on days i wasn’t in kingston last year, but the jinx continued.

without going into each act super in depth, here’s a quick rundown of who we did see:

  • peter elkas – i’ve seen him a lot this year, but this was only the 2nd time i’ve seen him perform with a full band. i don’t think anything will top the solo show he had with joel plaskett at hugh’s room a few months back, when he made good use of the looper pedal. this show was good, but certainly didn’t wow me…although it was nice to hear him throw in a new song for once.
  • the old soul – i’ve been wanting to see them for quite a while, since i’ve seen them listed on all sorts of bills in and around toronto for ages. i didn’t dislike them, but i again wasn’t wowed. in fact, the only song i can really remember them playing was a song about vegetables in which wayne petti rushed the stage and jammed a carrot in the singer’s mouth. and i didn’t particularly even like that song… oh, i lied, they also played a song with andrew whiteman on vocals – a cover of the boys are back in town. that was a definite highlight.
  • matthew barber – he was playing with an almost entirely new set of union dues, but was joined on stage at the end by julian brown and pete elkas, both of whom who have been in his band at various times in the last year. their closing song was by far the best, and, as always, matt’s way more interesting with a backing band than without.
  • chris brown and kate fenner – i didn’t think i was going to enjoy them ahead of time, based on the few songs i’d heard, and sadly i was correct. the best thing i can say about them is that they had interesting outfits.
  • apostle of hustle – now we’re getting somewhere. they kicked some ass, as usual, in spite of the fact that they were once again without the flamenco woman. they did have some horns to make up for it though, and they played all my favourites. andrew whiteman prefaced the set by explaining that no one would know any of the songs, but i soon realized he said that because he didn’t expect a whole lot from the festival crowd.
  • cuff the duke – are they ever bad? in spite of the fact that they’d just driven 26 hours straight from winnipeg, they still kicked my ass with a set mostly made up of songs from their newest album, which i havent yet stopped listening to. so good. and i still can’t get enough of that patented wayne-petti-guitar-neck-in-the-air stance.

we left before sarah harmer (i know, i know) to catch the earlier ferry home. it was a fun day, although the music didn’t wow me as much as the ear to the ground festival looks like it will…

3 Responses to “wolfe island music fest round up”

  1. 1
    Katie C. Says:

    you didn’t like Brown and Fenner? what’s not to like? amazing lyrics, soulful vocals, Chris’ amazing organ work… yeesh. there’s no accounting for taste sometimes!

  2. 2
    anne... Says:

    seconded. brown and fenner were boooooring. definitely the low point of the day.

  3. 3
    JJ Says:

    Couldnt agree more, Ive never understood the hype around Chris and Kate…every time I see them they get worse. Boring songs, flakey lyrics and stupid stories…told like they meant something…I dunno, aside from Apostle of Hustle I was largely disappointed with this year’s line-up. But yes, C&K should grab days jobs soon!

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