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07 Aug 05

bye bye pies

a day in kingston made me a bit nostalgic (although, in reality, i’ve only been gone for 3 months). i can’t think of a better way to illustrate my nostalgia than by wrapping up a story i was following since the beginning of last summer…that’s right, the napanee pie shack saga. for those of you unfamiliar with pie shack, might i refer you to my original post on the subject, and its subsequent follow up. to summarize: someone on the outskirts of napanee decided that a super tiny shack was the best place ever to sell pies and ice cream to passersby…assuming that said shack could be spotted by the 401.

as i said, it’s time to put this story to a sad close: the shack is no longer in business. i know, it’s hard to believe. i’m sure they poured their heart and soul into the pies…and the ice cream. and now their entire property is for sale. my theory is that they were counting on income from the pies to help them keep up with their mortgage payments. or perhaps they were tired of the ridicule from their neighbours for such a bizarre venture.

anyway, let’s put the pie shack saga to bed with a fitting tribute: a photo montage of its evolution over time:

may 2004
july 2004
august 2005

i must admit, it was tempting to embed a sound file of sad violins playing within this post, but i pulled myself together.

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    sevenzarkseven Says:

    bill says: “we should buy that…sounds like a sound investment.”

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