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04 Aug 05

hank might as well have played in our livingroom

long time no post. funny how a long weekend followed by a new job can do that to me.

something i’ve been meaning to post about for the last week was an interesting “show” we went to last thursday evening. the hank collective (note that their website appears to be down at the moment) advertised a warm up show of sorts on stillepost in kids on tv’s practice space (on dovercourt, a block from our place), so we couldn’t say no to dropping by. i’d never seen hank before (hell, i’d never even HEARD of them until pitchfork made mention of them on their 10 worthwhile albums you might have missed this year), but a show that close in a place like that couldn’t be missed.

apparently it was the first time the entire collective had played together, at least in that form, and they consisted of a guy on lead vocals (for the most part) on guitar, 3 girls who mainly just sang, a female bassist/keyboardist, and a female drummer (magali from the phonemes). the venue was packed – it was a tiny basement crammed with people and random printing equipment, with a makeshift stage and no ventilation. after being there for about 5 minutes we were completely drenched, but i still enjoyed it. pitchfork was right though when they said they have “steadfastly unprofessional vocals”, and i don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. we had to leave a few songs before the end (which, in reality probably ended up lasting 5 more minutes, judging from the length of their songs) to get some air. we’d planned on checking out their show at social last night with vitamins for you, but this new job has thus far done a good job of exhausting me/giving me a cold, so bed was all that was on my mind. perhaps next time.

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