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26 Jul 05

mmm, street wine

i paid my first visit to saigon flower last night, a vietnamese restaurant on queen west whose menu is dominated by chinese food for some reason. you may recognize this restaurant by the happy italian chef flashing you the OK sign with his fingers on their storefront sign:

while i was inside, a homelessish looking man came in carrying a large cardboard box full of wine bottles. here is the conversation that ensued between him and the owner:

homelessish man: wanna buy some wine?
restaurant owner: no, thank you.
homelessish man: are you sure? i have 9 bottles of 22% wine here. it’s good stuff.
restaurant owner: no, thank you.

and with that, he gave me a look, decided i likely wasn’t a good candidate to buy his street wine, and went on to the next location on the block. i bet he had more success with the sketchy place a couple doors down with this sign out front:

just a guess though.

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