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24 Jul 05

onward and upward

i’m a week late on this post, but i think it’s still a story worth telling.

for whatever reason, i have suddenly become quite sought after, jobwise – something i certainly didn’t experience when i was putting all of my efforts into finding a job in toronto back in april. as a result, i took a job back then at york university’s tech department – a position i didn’t expect i’d likely keep for much more than a year, but i figured since it paid as much as i made at queen’s for far less responsibility, it would provide me with a good starting point. i also figured there would be opportunities to move up and take on more interesting stuff as time went on at york, and that has already proven true to some extent. i’ve been asked to do a number of things of late that i consider more interesting than installing software package x onto someone’s computer, and there was a slightly better position in waiting with my name on it, when they got around to doing the paperwork.

but, for some reason, everything exploded two weeks ago. i applied for a couple of jobs at the university of toronto a few weeks back more or less on a lark – one sounded pretty interesting as a “network admin” at the faculty of dentistry, and another sounded way out of my league as an IT coordinator and planner for the faculty of arts and science. i ended up getting called in for an interview for each position.

the coordinator/planner interview was LONG. i thought it went as well as could be expected, but i honestly had no clue how it went in the eyes of the four interviewers. a week later, the network admin interview gave me my first ever taste of what a bad interview was like. i was asked a LOT of “technical” questions that i probably would’ve had a better shot at answering had i studied my 3rd year networking textbook ahead of time (e.g. “describe the OSI network model”, “what role does encryption play in ensuring TCP/IP packets are delivered successfully?” (the answer, incidentally, involved checksums), “would you use IPsec or certificate based security?”, etc.) my head was reeling when i left that interview…i just wanted to get out of there, and i didn’t even bother sending them my references as promised. later that day, however, i was offered the coordinator/planner position. i told them i’d think about it, mainly because i wasn’t sure how i felt about the prospect of doing less hands on work.

during this same week, i got a call back from a company a friend of mine works for who originally called me back in june. they’d left a couple of messages for me at home back then, so i gave them my cell number and i didn’t hear from them again for over a month. additionally, i got two emails about separate GIS-related positions, based on applications i had made in april. so, by this point, i had a lot of options.

to add one more option, the faculty of dentistry called me back the day after my horrendous interview and asked me for my references. the HR woman assured me that they were very impressed by my interview, and they’d like me to come in again, presumably to ensure that i wasn’t a total idiot network-wise. seriously, they must have interviewed a bunch of monkeys.

after pondering all of these options for a couple days, i decided to accept the coordinator/planner position. the career path seemed better than the other options (not to mention the money), and i figured it would, at the very least, be excellent experience. when i told the faculty of dentistry i’d accepted another position, they told me they were willing to forego the 2nd interview if i’d accept their job instead. i definitely thought about it, since it would be a more hands on job with a fun team to work with, but in the end i felt my initial decision was best.

so, in summary, i will be starting at u of t on august 2nd (which is scarily soon), and i’m pretty sure york isn’t the happiest with me for leaving them after only three months. management have been, to a person, very supportive of my decision, and they’ve all expressed regret that i’m leaving, which has made me feel good about the impression i’ve made in such a short time. and i still wonder what it was about the middle of july that suddenly made me so in demand – too in demand for my liking, really.

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