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17 Jul 05

does my car have a target on it?

i thought it was bad when someone keyed my car a few months back. well, that was nothing compared to what i found this morning when i got to my car:

apparently, someone in a white car attempted to back into the space beside my car and misjudged how much space they had, consequently beating the hell out of my passenger side. i am not pleased, since they drove off without leaving any contact information. on the bright side, judging from the plastic on the ground in the parking lot, the guy did a good job of messing up his tail light. but, that still doesn’t make me feel better.

the guy who lives in his van by my building was nearby to witness my discovery. his advice to me: “don’t sweat the small stuff. it’ll just get you down.” i guess that’s sound advice coming from a guy who lives in his van. he KNOWS the stuff you should sweat.

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