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06 Jul 05

city field live, at last

at long last, matt murphy (of super friendz and flashing lights “fame”)’s new band, city field, were booked to play a couple toronto dates. needless to say, i was pretty excited. i’ve had their authentic city ep for a couple months now, and it’s pretty solid, although not at all what i expected – for once, matt’s more or less in the background, contributing mostly guitar work and background vocals. regardless, it’s definitely worth checking out, so long as you don’t go in expecting super friendz version 3.

anyway, we caught the second of the two shows last thursday night at the silver dollar room (which, incidentally, has just about the crappiest patio i’ve ever seen – would it have killed them to supplement the wooden benches and stacks of plastic chairs with a table or two?). unfortunately, there were 3 other bands on the bill (yes, another 4 band bill, sigh). we missed the openers, whose name i now forget, and ended up going outside where it was cool during action makes’ set, in spite of the fact that it would’ve given me a chance to cheer on a millbrook boy.

we didn’t actually come back inside until the headliner set (i.e. 1 am, yikes). perhaps it was the late hour, or perhaps it was the performance, but i was pretty non-plussed. i guess i started out unimpressed when matt appeared to be helping attach gregg’s guitar strap for her, as well as tuning for her, and that negative opinion wasn’t helped by watching her “play” – i.e. strumming, looking at her hands, readjusting, then strumming again. in truth, she only played on a couple songs, and the rest of the time she stood there, providing vocals while perhaps shaking a tambourine. while on the subject – it was a pretty strange line up at times, with two people on stage essentially just providing vocals, along with a guitarist, bassist and drummer. whatever works for them, i guess. their new songs didn’t particularly grab me, and once i’d heard cleo and pretenders i was ready to split.

oh, and in the crowd were such famous folk as rob benvie and whil kidman. famous!

2 Responses to “city field live, at last”

  1. 1
    anne... Says:

    the lack of a gentleman reg sighting was quite disturbing… do you think he’s mad at me??

    FYI, the three opening bands were the saffron sect, action makes, and the visit… sadly, it was waaaaaay too hot & LOUD inside & we were relegated to the smoky, ill-equipped patio for 3 hours until city field went on. sigh.

  2. 2
    Merideth Carleton Says:

    Have you seen this before? It’s a number guessing game: I guessed 34668, and it got it right! Pretty neat.

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