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27 Jun 05

final fantasy + torngat: has the promoter been reading my blog?

over the past year, i’ve seen a few bands (okay okay, 126, but who’s counting?). of those bands, two stood out as true pleasant surprises – final fantasy and torngat. i knew nothing about either of them going into their shows, but each blew me away. somehow, both ended up together on the same bill on saturday night at the music gallery.

torngat went on first, for their third ever toronto performance. in case you’ve forgotten, they’re a 3 piece with keyboards, percussion and french horn along with melodicas, pedals, xylophones…but no vocals. they strike me as pretty experimental (as their unusual choice of instruments illustrates), and their songs are complex rhythmically with lots of time changes and instrument switching. once again, i quite enjoyed their set – especially their percussionist. the novelty of the french horn had worn off somewhat this time around, but i still enjoyed watching him stretch its sounds with various pedals.

final fantasy came on soon thereafter, and gave a very nervous and self-effacing yet endearing set. he played a bunch of new songs (which he apologized for repeatedly) as well as a handful from needs a new home (a final fantasy set wouldn’t be complete without this is the dream of win and regine or the cn tower belongs to the dead). i quite liked his new songs, and the fact that they’re nerdish and tend to be about zelda and d&d made them even better. as an added bonus, 6 or 7 of the songs included accompaniment by a string quartet…but that didn’t stop owen from using his looping pedals for a few of them. i quite enjoyed watching the string quartet’s members watch owen when he was playing by himself – the look of amazement said it all. i guess there isn’t much call for singing and playing multiple violin parts at once in the normal duties of a quartet member.

in summary: torngat good. final fantasy good. write that down.

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