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07 Jun 05


spoon played the opera house this past sunday, combining one of my favouritest things (spoon) with two of my least favourite things (sunday night shows and the opera house). i’m not a big fan of sunday night shows (or weeknight shows in general, i suppose) now that i actually have to get up early to commute to work, but spoon was worth it i thought, especially given the 10:30 headlining set time.

we arrived right at 10:30, just as the opener, the beast and dragon, adored was in full swing. the first four songs melded together seemlessly (and included my favourite, turn my camera on) and were an accurate representation of what was to come. the set was solid with few breaks between songs for tuning and banter – spoon delivered the music. i think chromewaves had it right though – they got even better as the set progressed. the energy level definitely did pick up as they started to mix in more of their older material (which was well represented throughout the evening), and the crowd was very appreciative no matter what spoon threw at them. robin made a good point: that show was one time we wouldn’t have minded hearing a new-song heavy set, but with spoon, i would’ve been happy no matter what they’d played.

oh, and i think i found the secret to enjoying the opera house slightly more: we stood at the very back beside the bar, where we could actually SEE, and the sound was muffled enough that we didn’t need our earplugs, but still sounded good.

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