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06 Jun 05

ladies and gentlemen good, four band bills bad

attention rock crew chris: there is an evil worse than three band bills. i discovered this past saturday night when i attended the ladies and gentlemen cd release party at the horseshoe – a four band bill. please, all promoters, take note – i like music more than the average person, but sitting through four bands of varying qualities is a lot to ask of a music fan, especially one with a full time job.

we arrived early to catch wayne petti’s solo set, and were among the very few to do so. there were probably 20 people in attendance, half of whom were friends of wayne’s, but it was still a fun set. with just an acoustic guitar and harmonica, he played a bunch of cuff the duke songs, as well as covering alberta bound by gordon lightfoot, and i’m on fire by the boss (featuring audience participation). it was short, low key and fun. i’m glad we showed up early for him.

second on the bill (and added late) were the thunderbirds are now! i kinda like each of their albums for different reasons so i was interested in seeing their live show, and they were a bit of a spectacle to be sure. the keyboardist, in particularly, was awesome to watch – he’s essentially a bundle of energy who dances like a robot, assumes crazy rockstar poses, throws tamborines around the stage, leaps into the crowd and somersaults back onto the stage. i had a difficult time discerning one song from another, but i was highly entertained.

contrast that with the third band, nassau. i’d seen them before and thought they were ok, but i just wanted them off the stage on friday night. they were one 45 minute long droney song that literally put anne to sleep. the lead singer’s voice is vaguely reminiscent of that of luke of mystery machine (remember them?) but without the dynamics, and their stage presence was among the worst i’ve ever seen. big yawn.

finally, the ladies and gentlemen went on at 12:30. they were just as enjoyable as last time i saw them, complete with dressing all in white, the guy whose job it is to mainly clap his hands, and catchy as hell songs. they’re definitely more comfortable playing live now though (less terror in the eyes of the keyboardists) which made for a more fun performance. i picked up their cd and so far it’s got my approval.

in summary, down with four band bills, even on a weekend!

2 Responses to “ladies and gentlemen good, four band bills bad”

  1. 1
    rock crew chris Says:

    i wholely agree …

    and i have no witty or interesting comments … this sucks

  2. 2
    anne... Says:

    how about the “wizard of rock” introducing the ladies & gentlemen? i couldn’t really decide how i felt about that…

    oh, and by “audience participation” during i’m on fire, rob meant me. ooooh ooooh, i’m on fire… i love your music, wayne petti!

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