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30 May 05

toronto haircut #1

i was overdue for a haircut, so i decided to give klik’s beauty centre in york lanes a try today after work. i figured it’d be pretty handy if it worked out, much like signatures in kingston.

i made an appointment at noon and showed up about 5 minutes late for my 4:45 appointment. when i arrived at the counter, there was no one to greet me, but i heard a voice behind me asking if i needed help. i told him that i had an appointment, and he asked “for what? a shave? haircut?” yeah, no, not a shave. he insisted on taking care of me himself, although i’m not clear if i was supposed to have someone else or not – he ended up in an extensive argument with the owner about whether i should be seeing someone else or not. and really, given the choice, i would’ve preferred someone else. i’ll admit it, i’m prejudiced: given the choice between a woman in her 20s or 30s (i.e. the other 3 people in the salon) or a short middle aged italian man, i’d invariably choose any of the women. but i guess it wasn’t up to me.

the haircut began with him asking how i wore my hair. my response was “…like i have it now.” he persisted “so, up at the front then?” “…no, like i have it now.” etc. that didn’t give me a good feeling.

the haircut didn’t last long, but it contained some awkward conversation essentially about how he didn’t like the owner, and a bunch of other stuff that may as well have been in italian since the razor mercifully drowned him out. one interesting characteristic of this guy was that a couple of his fingernails were exceptionally long, and on a couple of occasions i flinched when i thought i was going to lose an eye as they came far too close for my liking.

when he finished, he asked if i wanted a rinse, and i declined, just wanting to get the hell out of there. my hair didn’t seem to look horrendous at this point (pretty much like a shorter version of how i had it when i walked in), so i figured it’d be a good time to bolt. and besides, the last thing i wanted was his long fingernails in my hair. ew. unfortunately, he took this to mean that i wanted him to style my hair, and did so by, yes, you guessed it, putting random product in my hair and pushing my bangs up at the front. when he was finished, i expressed some concern that the back of my hair was slightly shorter than i asked for since it has a tendency to stick up, and he used this as a reason to educate me on gel. “you see my hair? it wouldn’t look like this without gel. when i wake up in the morning, it stands up all over the place. but i put some gel in it (motions with his hands) and it looks like this.” sadly, looking like his hair isn’t a big selling point…and really, did he honestly think i’d never heard of hair gel before?

of course, i had a shower immediately when i got home. i’m not convinced about my haircut yet (it’s not horrendous, but it’s certainly not my favourite). if i go back to klik’s and they ask me if i have a preference, i think i’ll answer “anyone but that short italian guy”.

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