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24 May 05

2 stories, both exciting

1. we saw barry walsh of galore and cool blue halo on the subway on saturday. i suspect i’m alone in thinking this is at all noteworthy.

2. i was on my way to the convenience store at queen and ossington yesterday when, as i passed the vatikan, a particularly sad (and yes i know they’re all pretty sad) vampire shouted after me “it’s the 22nd right?” i paused and said “um, i don’t know…i think it’s the 23rd.” she didn’t accept this and said “no, it’s the 22nd. saturday was the 21st.” and then she followed me into the convenience store. she immediately asked the guy behind the counter “it’s the 22nd right?” he was clueless as to the date, but she persisted: “it’s the 22nd. saturday was the 21st and today is sunday.” at this point i had no choice but to say “…but today is monday.” long pause. then she said “why didn’t SOMEBODY TELL ME? i must’ve slept through it.” she continued to rant at the convenience store guy (as though he exhibited some kind of temporal control) as i paid and ran off. in summary, i’m sad that sad vampire missed her sad vatikan vampire show.

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