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19 May 05

quick recap of the last three weeks

since i’ve moved to toronto, i’ve done the following:

1. started a new job

  • it can be summarized by stating that the group i work for handles any and all computer questions from any administrative person at the university. there is a lot of hand holding, and it’s 99% onsite. probably not the most sustainable business model…

2. travelled back to kingston twice, to peterborough once, and to trenton once

  • yes, that’s a lot of travelling for a time span under two weeks.
  • thankfully, i’ve officially finished moving, and have even unpacked some stuff….

3. saw joel plaskett in fine form

  • joel plaskett loves hugh’s room, and now, so do i. it’s tough to beat a nice dinner followed by a few hours of good music.
  • he played a 2+ acoustic hour set that included LOTS of old and new…plus 2 encores totalling 6 songs? maybe more…
  • pete elkas opened and he’s spiced up his normal set with some new songs and new arrangements, most notably with pedals. loops are good.

  • matt barber also played a short opening set. nothing too special. pleasant, but forgettable. he’s much better with the union dues, in my opinion.
  • i can’t imagine a better start to my new life in toronto.

4. saw amy millan + jon rae and the river + the most serene republic

  • i like any show at which i’m standing next to gentleman reg and kevin drew from broken social scene.
  • the most serene republic definitely have some good songs, and i’d like to see them again sometime. their stage presence, however, needs work. for example: the keyboardist’s “rocking out” consisted of head bobbing with his tongue sticking out. awkward, but they were good.
  • jon rae lulled me to near sleep. yawn.
  • amy millan finished the job with a very mellow set. she told us up front that she intended to put us to bed, and she wasn’t kidding. the songs weren’t bad, but i think i’d have appreciated them more if i wasn’t ready to keel over.

5. saw enron: the smartest guys in the room. if you like documentaries, this one’s a good one.

and likely lots more. who can remember past yesterday though, really?

upcoming: decemberists this weekend, spoon in early june, broken social scene + stars + metric + others at bluesfest in ottawa and the wolf island music fest with the constantines + apostle of hustle + cuff the duke in kingston. fantastic.

3 Responses to “quick recap of the last three weeks”

  1. 1
    anne... Says:

    some of us posted about the joel plaskett and amy millan shows right after they happened…

    and aside from the recent chumptastic withdrawl… i’m glad you are here. 🙂

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    some of us are way behind, on account of chumptastic sitting on our floor for a couple weeks.

  3. 3
    anne... Says:

    oh right… i think i’ve blocked the insanely huge pile of stuff in the office from my mind. that would explain it.

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