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27 Apr 05

one last kingston show

it’s the end of an era. last night marked the final kingston show i’m likely to ever see, now that i’m heading off to toronto. i hear they have one or two good bands playing there occasionally though, so all is not lost.

the show in question was the long-awaited caribou + junior boys + russian futurists show at the elixir. all in all, an enjoyable time, but with none of the crazy excitement of the camouflage nights set – now THAT would have been an appropriate send off.

russian futurists took the form of a 4 piece, with a whole lot of keyboards and samplers on the stage. matthew adam hart, mr. futurist himself, seemed to have the easiest role, essentially starting up the sampler and providing vocals, while the rest of the band played a variety of keyboards and threw in the occasional guitar. sadly, i felt the beats’ volume was up a bit too high, so it was difficult to make out the keyboard parts. the set was pretty good (although a little too new song-heavy for my liking, thus my attention lapsed repeatedly), and they included precious metals, so i was happy.

junior boys came on next. how on earth are these guys from hamilton? for some reason i had it in my head that i’d never see them live, so i was surprised to see they were coming to kingston. they’re two guys, one on keys (with samples) and one on guitar, and they play pop/danceish music that’s often kinda difficult to dance to. their set too was dominated by new tracks (i only recognized 3 from the bunch, but thankfully bellona was among them) and they were fairly hit or miss, although i should point out that last exit was a definite grower for me and i didn’t love it right away.

caribou were something to watch. their live configuration consisted of dan snaith (mr. caribou) as well as two others, one on drums and one on guitar. watching dan was something special – in one song he played no less than 5 instruments, and switched effortlessly between guitar, keyboards, drums, melodica, recorder, and others. i hadn’t seen a band in quite a while with two drummers, so that was a highlight, but the fact that the vocals were, for the most part, pre-recorded detracted somewhat from the experience. carrying on with the trend, he played mostly songs from his new album, but at least i was familiar with it ahead of time (and love it). sadly, we had to leave before the end of their set because of the lateness.

it also seemed fitting that, at my last show, rock crew chris introduced himself. i still don’t like 3 band bills, chris, for the record, but at least they were touring together this time. oh, and a lesson should be learned from most toronto shows about set times: weeknight shows really should start a bit earlier, ’cause leaving before the end of the headliner’s set sucks.

5 Responses to “one last kingston show”

  1. 1
    rock crew chris Says:

    You know, I booked Final Fantasy after following the link on your site. You won’t even be here to enjoy it!
    Sorry about the late start time … I start work whenever my boss makes me in the morning, my boss being me, so I forget about other people with real committments to sleep for. Point taken.
    Best of luck in Toronto …

  2. 2
    Sofi Says:

    I liked Junior Boys the first time I saw them…WHEN THEY WERE CALLED DEPECHE MODE.

    To this Lukas added, “Junior Boys are Depeche Mode on quaaludes after finding out their grandma just died.”

    SO. BORED.

    Thankfully, Caribou saved the day.

    See you in the tee dot.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    funny, i saw final fantasy in toronto last night, so all is not lost. i hope you booked them with torngat (who are also awesome).

    incidentally, i saw 3 bands in total last night (final fantasy, wolf parade, arcade fire) and the show ended at 11:20. very good for working chumps like me.

    as for junior boys: listen to their cd. that is all.

  4. 4
    bugscheese Says:

    Recently got my ticket for the Victoria Caribou show. I appreciate your review. Not getting too wound-up for the openers, but definitely looking forward to whatever Snaith will bring. I too am digging the new album.

  5. 5
    pager Says:

    it’s funny, the first thing i thought of when i heard the new caribou was “it sure is drum heavy”. i guess the 2 drummers explains that.

    and who knew he had a phd in math?

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