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25 Apr 05

they rocked the populace (and it definitely could be love)

dammit, i’ve been scooped by the unlikeliest of sources… ah well, the blog must go on…

it’s about time camouflage nights played a show that i was able to attend. it could be love is one of the best songs i’ve heard in a long time, and despite ian mcgettigan’s promises last november, they did not play any shows in february or march. it was worth the wait though.

picture this: mcgettigan hitting the stage wearing typically value village-rejected attire (including a fur hat, of course) carrying a flaming hatchet and a bottle of some indeterminate flammable substance, proceeding to blow fireballs across the dance floor. definitely reminiscent of his old thrush hermit days. benvie was there too, in fine form, uttering cryptic remarks like “sum…sum…sum 41” while splitting his time between keys and his legendary (to me anyway) green guitar.

and the songs… they blew me away. the performance was intense and tight and far too short. the only set i can readily compare it to was that of stars a few years ago when they opened for broken social scene – a completely powerful show that would have upstaged any headliner. oddly, it was also comparable to broken social scene’s performance that night – between each song, the entire camouflage nights crew would switch instruments rick of the skins-style, just as bss tried to do and failed miserably, but CN did so effortlessly without losing any momentum while allowing songs to flow together. their opening song was fantastic (i wish i knew its name), as were five five minutes (which almost knocked me off of my feet ’cause of the bass-off – two basses playing together resulting in some serious, well, bass) and, of course, it could be love. i was surprised at how many songs ian took the lead on (very un-thrush hermit-like), but everyone chipped in with vocals of their own.

does anyone know who else is in the band? i could pick out nobu adilman (from rick of the skins, smart ask, some films of his own and apparently a recent performance on trailer park boys), and the girl looked quite familiar, but i have no clue.

anyway, i’m anxiously awaiting their next pertourmance, and will have to settle for their brand new 12″ record i picked up at the show. now i’ll just have to figure out how to actually listen to it…

the moral: go see them if you have a chance. i mean it.

3 Responses to “they rocked the populace (and it definitely could be love)”

  1. 1
    rachael Says:

    hmmm, do you know if the 12″ is being sold online anywhere? looked everywhere, but…

    as a non-canadian, i really need a copy 🙂

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    i’d just send an email to i’m sure you could order one from rob if there are any still available.

  3. 3
    rachael Says:

    thanks 🙂 yeah, why didn’t i think of that one?

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