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17 Mar 05

interview hell: day 4

interview tip #4:
do not at any time attempt to show up your prospective employer. if you’re being interviewed for a computer help desk position, do not indicate that you solved a problem easily that your interviewers’ organization failed to.

interview tip #5:
do not suggest that another job that you MAY have will take precedence over the job you are interviewing for (but you’d LOVE to do this job if you have time…)

interview tip #6:
do not talk so fast that your interviewers have no clue what you are saying. on a related note, be sure to remember to breathe.

interview tip #7:
do not relate past telemarketing experiences in which you told customers that you were getting paid to waste their time.

interview tip #8:
have SOME clue about the job you are interviewing for. it’s not very impressive to answer “what do you know about the position/company you’ve applied for?” with “honestly, nothing.” a quick web search would be beneficial.

note: for more interview tips, please see interview hell: day 1.

2 Responses to “interview hell: day 4”

  1. 1
    'nee Says:

    You’re a Kingston blogger: this is a blog! So. My fantastic logic says that you should come to the Kingston Blogger Meetup tomorrow at the Brew Pub, because, er, it’s nerdy, and nerdy was pretty ‘in’ a few years ago. I’m not sure if it still is, but anyway. It’s half Queen’s students and half old fogies like Alan and I. (Upstairs at the Brew Pub at +5:00ish.) Posting this feels weirdly creepy, because I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted a comment here before. Is it creepy, or is that just me? Well, it’s the Internet. Creepy is the new cool.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    thanks for the invitation, but i’ll be in toronto tomorrow evening. worst kingston blogger ever.

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