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14 Mar 05

a nice shot in the arm for my self esteem

a true conversation that took place today at lunch in the jduc cafeteria:

jduc cafeteria cashier: wow, you sure are going grey.
me: …thank you for saying so.
jcc: your dad or mom must’ve been grey young too huh?
me: yep. my dad.
jcc: well, i feel sorry for you. you shouldn’t be going so grey. you’re too young.
me: …it doesn’t really bother me…
jcc: well, i feel sorry for you.

quality customer care, sodhexo-style.

2 Responses to “a nice shot in the arm for my self esteem”

  1. 1
    anne... Says:

    i happen to think you’re not completely unfortunate looking, if that helps at all. 😉

    (oh c’mon! you know what i really think…)

  2. 2
    robin Says:

    Just to rub salt in your wounds, I’d like to point out that in 7.5 months, you will no longer be able to subtitle your blog with the phrase “from a twenty-something canadian boy.”

    Because we all know that at the end of October, you will be revealed to actually hail from Switzerland! (that, and you’ll turn 30)

    Also: fantasy bbw chubby fat women in thongs!

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