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13 Mar 05

my return to the 90s continued…with the inbreds!

the culmination of my 1990s revival happened on friday night when the inbreds played their first show since 1998 at lee’s palace. their breakup was shocking at the time – they were fresh off an edgefest tour during which dave grohl seemed intent on educating everyone about their awesomeness, and seemed poised for greatness (greater than their juno and their short-lived major label deal). as dave ullrich put it on friday night, they never really had a chance to say goodbye, so the reunion was definitely sweet.

it was a santa cruz event, so there was an interesting mix of mind readers and dating games, alongside the hardcore canrock fans. santa cruz shows don’t generally have advanced tickets, nor is there usually THAT much of a demand, so there was a crazy lineup going down the block from lee’s and around the corner, with only a few people let in at a time so as not to overwhelm the ticket takers. it was an odd system – everyone lined up together, whether you bought an advanced ticket, you were a hopeful, or you were guestlisted (which explains why sarah harmer was quite a way behind us in line). anyway, we arrived at 10, and finally got in around 10:45ish, and enjoyed watching the art on the wall depicting people engaged in various activities (e.g. braiding hair, chewing gum, eating an apple, etc.) while they gradually developed nosebleeds.

the openers, fox the boombox, were balls of energy that seemed as though they came straight out of japanese anime. their first song was quite good – le tigre-ish maybe – but i lost interest pretty quickly. maybe with some work, fewer “skits” between songs, some better vocal mixing and some ritalin i’d enjoy them more.

the inbreds went on at around midnight and were pretty fantastic – so fun. mike o’neill left most of the speaking to dave, who humbly thanked everyone for their enthusiasm. they played a set encompassing material from all 4 of their albums, including (and if i’ve forgotten any let me know): matterhorn, prince, you will know, any sense of time, amelia earhart, never be, white caps, north window, attitude and reasons why i’m shy. they showed very little rust, and the few missed cues there were resulted in laughs between mike and dave. it was a much different feel than mike’s solo show at christmas – both seemed relaxed and genuinely had a lot of fun. so much so that dave posted the following on his zunior records site:

>>Sat:3-12-05 – Inbreds Reunion Show was officially the best Inbreds show of all time
Mike and I both agree on that. Thanks so much to everyone that came down to Lee’s last night. I would have never imagined such a reaction, and the set went so well. Mike and I would like to say a special thanks to Dave Bookman for doing such an awesome job spreading the word. For those that couldn’t get in, I will be posting some footage of the show soon. It was simply the best Inbreds show ever.

good stuff.

oh, and i think we set a record for canrock celeb spottings at one show. here’s a short list of some of the people we rubbed elbows with, and i’m sure there were more: rob benvie (thrush hermit, dears, camouflage nights, presse), ian mcgettigan (thrush hermit, joel plaskett emergency, camouflage nights), wayne petti (cuff the duke), sarah harmer (duh), steve lambke (constantines), bry webb (constantines), reg vermue (gentleman reg), pete elkas (local rabbits, pete elkas) stu berman (eye magazine) and i think shawn hewitt too. (thanks to anne for helping with the list – there were too many to remember on my own). i guess we weren’t the only ones dying to see the inbreds play.

now, if we can just convince thrush hermit to play a reunion show, preferably outside of halifax, all will be right with the world.

11 Responses to “my return to the 90s continued…with the inbreds!”

  1. 1
    anne... Says:

    i’m in full agreement that the show was amazingly fantastic… i still can’t believe that i called them opening with ‘matterhorn’! so awesome.

    continuing the onslaught of celeb sightings, i’ll pass on a few from a friend of mine who was there (since rob already listed mine): josh charles seen talking to members of broken social scene. she left him a secret note (shhhh!!) santa cruz style with her number, so i’ll keep you posted on the the steamy details.

    well… unless they’re a secret. 😉

  2. 2
    robin Says:

    I saw K-Os on queen street saturday night. so there!

  3. 3
    Joe Says:

    also…Jay from Sloan and the organizer of Santa Cruz: Tyler Clark Burke. She was there, yes she was.

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    ah yes, i didn’t mention TCB, but i figured she was a given. i’ve also heard reports that ben gunning (ex of local rabbits) was in attendance.

  5. 5
    Graham Says:

    Uh, what the heck were you guys smoking…that was quite possibly the most horrid show I have ever witnessed! Mike could neither play the songs worth a lick, or even come close to singing on key. Dave’s so-called “harmonies” were equally pathetic. Oh, and what was the deal with the tempo changing 3-4 times during a song? Pathetic. This reunion was definately an embarrassing mistake. I walked out after 5 or 6 songs because it was just painful to listen to – giving it the sad distinction of the only show I’ve ever walked out of.

    I want my $10 back.

  6. 6
    sevenzarkseven Says:

    i think that guy must be crazy…even bill liked it.

  7. 7
    anne... Says:

    graham, if you didn’t like the inbreds, you should check out boy ballz. maybe they’re more your “style”… oh, that was mean. but i’m not really sorry 🙂

    question: had you ever heard / heard of the inbreds before friday?

  8. 8
    Graham Says:

    I knew someone would question if I had heard the band before that show. The answer is a resounding “yes”! I have all their cd’s, and both of Mike’s solo albums. I’ve even met them both. That doesn’t mean I can’t think the show was terribly dissapointing.

  9. 9
    anne... Says:

    then all i can really do is shrug and be grateful for the standing room that you freed up.

  10. 10
    Graham Says:

    And all I can really do is feel sorry for the fact you are tone deaf. Don’t feel to bad, though – the inbreds are as well.

  11. 11
    anne... Says:

    no zing. i’m afraid that i am quite secure in both a) my spot-on hearing, and b) my impeccable taste in music. 🙂

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