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01 Mar 05

twice removed voted best, twice

there was something quite familiar about the cover of this month’s chart magazine:

obviously it’s the sloan boys, faces i knew quite well, but i flipped past before i gave it too much thought.

this issue, you see, is devoted to the 20 greatest canadian albums of all time. i remember the first time chart conducted such a poll of music biz-types back in 1996 – sloan’s twice removed took top honours, which led andrew scott to proclaim it (with tongue firmly placed in cheek) the best canadian album of all time…of 1996. apropos, considering the 2nd poll, in 2000, had twice removed falling to 3rd (with joni mitchell’s blue in top spot).

anyway, i’m going to go right ahead and ruin the surprise for you and tell you that, in this year’s iteration, twice removed once again took top honours – a choice i completely agree with. i was beginning to think that i was the only one who thought TR was SLOAN’S best output (one chord to another seems an oft-cited alternative in the last couple years), let alone one of my favourite all-time albums. so yes, i feel somewhat vindicated.

and this brings me back to the cover photo pose – very clever. compare and contrast with the cover of twice removed itself:

thankfully, patrick didn’t revert back to THAT haircut again.

in case you’re interested, here are some other notables among the top 50 albums:

  • broken social scene – you forgot it in people (4)
  • weakerthans – left and leaving (6)
  • lowest of the low – shakespeare my butt (7)
  • k-os – joyful rebellion (11)
  • the new pornographers – mass romantic (12)
  • sloan – one chord to another (13)
  • arcade fire – funeral (17)
  • hayden – everything i long for (23)
  • metric – old world underground, where are you now? (25)

for the rest, you’ll have to pick up the magazine. i’m quite disappointed that thrush hermit’s sweet homewrecker is nowhere to be found this time around, although inexplicably clayton park did make the cut (not that it’s BAD, but it’s no sweet homewrecker…) oh, and where were the dears in the mix? the joel plaskett emergency? flashing lights? i guess they can’t be right about everything. at least steal my sunshine didn’t make the cut.

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    Sofi Says:

    For interests sake (and also for the sake of self-indulgence), the Chart poll asked us for our Top Ten fave albums and Top Five fave songs. Here’s what my list looked like:

    10 Fave Canadian Albums

    1) Mass Romantic – The New Pornographers
    2) Mock Up, Scale Down – The Superfriendz
    3) One Chord to Another – Sloan
    4) Where the Change Is – The Flashing Lights
    5) Sweet Homewrecker – Thrush Hermit
    6) Twice Removed – Sloan
    7) Left & Leaving – The Weakerthans
    8) Space and Time: A Compendium – The Orange Alabaster Mushroom
    9) Harvest – Neil Young
    10) You Were Here – Sarah Harmer

    5 Fave Songs

    1) Mass Romantic – The New Pornographers
    2) Needle and the Damage Done – Neil Young
    3) Where Do the Days Go? – The Flashing Lights
    4) Coax Me – Sloan
    5) A Case of You – Joni Mitchell

    It fucking PAINED me to leave off The Inbreds, Hayden, Zumpano, Mike O’Neill, Cuff the Duke, Plumtree, The Dears, Gordie Lightfoot, etc.

    Canadian music is just too good.

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