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28 Mar 05

weekend checklist

this weekend:
-> 3 enormous family meals (ham, turkey, lasagne) in 2 days? check.
-> 1 lovely birthday dinner for jo at tomasso’s terroni? check.
-> 1 pseudo canadian celeb sighting? check.
-> 1 trip to the AGO for the massive change exhibit (about the future of global design), as well as that of christo and jeanne-claude (of central park gates fame), both of which are very recommended? check.
-> 3 days off work? check.
-> 500 spams of chumptastic? check.

and now, back to work.

24 Mar 05

funny addendum

oh, i forgot a funny:
i was walking by stages yesterday and noticed their coming events billboard had been updated with the following three acts:

  • keisha chante
  • collective soul
  • motorhead

aside from the comedy ensuing from the fact that these three couldn’t be any more different, it also acts as a further illustration of my previous theory about the relationship between acts playing in kingston, and their declining level of fame. (didn’t 2 live crew just play here again?)

24 Mar 05

i’ve saved up the funny

i’ve been saving up the funny for the last couple days, so here’s a few stories that made me giggle this week. and yes, giggling is quite masculine.

1. as i was walking to work on monday morning, there was an assy teenaged skateboarder skating up and down the middle of alfred street in front of kcvi. for those of you who aren’t in the know, alfred is pretty well travelled in the mornings, so he was constantly forcing cars to swerve around him while he was listening to his ipod in full oblivious mode. the fun began when a school bus pulled up in front of the school and stopped beside where he’d left his coat on the curb. he was behind me at this point, but all of a sudden i heard him yelling and running towards me as the bus pulled away: his coat had gotten snagged to the bus and was being dragged away. to add to the comedy gold, he inexplicably left his skateboard in the middle of alfred as he ran off after his coat. i’m not sure if he ever got his coat back, nor am i sure if his skateboard survived. is it wrong to hope that both are lost forever?

2. while i was driving to toronto last friday afternoon, i drove past a van on the 401 labelled “donovan plumbing”. their slogan? if you sh*t today, thank a plumber. genius. sadly, their “website” has amended this slightly to if you flush today, thank a plumber. doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

3. when my sister first sent me a jpeg of her ultrasound, i immediately pointed out the obvious: her baby closely resembled an alien. see for yourself:

her response was, predictably, “thank you for calling my baby an alien”. anyway, few people denied what i pointed out, and rightly so. have a look at’s pregnancy calendar, paying special attention to this past monday (march 21st). that’s right. even acknowledges that her baby was other-worldly.

21 Mar 05

help name the alien baby!

i’ve just added a couple of polls to my righthand sidebar, because my sister needs your help! she’s currently faced with naming her unborn child (pictured above the polls; note the startling resemblance to an alien), and has agreed* to name her child whatever the voting masses deem appropriate. so please, make your vote count! vote early and vote often! you wouldn’t want the kid to end up with a weird name, would you?

*may or may not be true.

21 Mar 05

more chumptastic highlights

this whole 3 year anniversary thing (and anne’s persistent link-sending) has resulted in me going through my archives a bit more thoroughly, looking for forgotten fun. here’s a selection of posts that you may have missed:

i think that’s a pretty fun synopsis of my year. feel free to add any that i’ve forgotten.

21 Mar 05

and the years keep piling up…

so yeah, 3 years ago today, chumptastic was born on a pentium 133, which was more than adequate to serve pages to 10 visitors per day. now that i’ve just recently peaked at 500 visitors, perhaps i should consider retirement.

as has become a tradition, here are some of my chumptastic highlights of the year:

anyway, thanks again to all of my readers (including you, spambots) as well as for the fantastic background (swiped without permission).

note: you may prefer to read this page in all of its anniversary glory.

17 Mar 05

interview hell: day 4

interview tip #4:
do not at any time attempt to show up your prospective employer. if you’re being interviewed for a computer help desk position, do not indicate that you solved a problem easily that your interviewers’ organization failed to.

interview tip #5:
do not suggest that another job that you MAY have will take precedence over the job you are interviewing for (but you’d LOVE to do this job if you have time…)

interview tip #6:
do not talk so fast that your interviewers have no clue what you are saying. on a related note, be sure to remember to breathe.

interview tip #7:
do not relate past telemarketing experiences in which you told customers that you were getting paid to waste their time.

interview tip #8:
have SOME clue about the job you are interviewing for. it’s not very impressive to answer “what do you know about the position/company you’ve applied for?” with “honestly, nothing.” a quick web search would be beneficial.

note: for more interview tips, please see interview hell: day 1.

17 Mar 05


march 16, 2005 marks the first time chumptastic had over 500 visitors in a day. and to think, it only took (almost exactly) 3 years to reach that level.

before i get too cocky though, i’ll remind myself that 495 of those visitors were probably spambots.

17 Mar 05

true entrepreneurs

queen’s entrepreneurial spirit:
3 girls selling green pancakes on alfred street this morning. i don’t think it’s a coincidence that their house is across from the queen’s school of business.

15 Mar 05

further proof that i’m old

i thought i’d been at queen’s too long a couple years ago when i started recognizing the golden words fake journal by slight inconsistencies in the font. but what does it mean when i think “hmm, it’s about time for a fake journal” before even SEEING it, and sure enough…

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
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Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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