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24 Feb 05

he’s reluctant to find he’s stuck in the 90s

CDs i’ve bought in the last week:

  • joel plaskett – la de da
  • city field – authentic city
  • the inbreds – bsides

it just struck me last night that i might as well be living in the mid 90s again with these purchases. my list could well have looked like this instead:

  • thrush hermit – sweet homewrecker (joel plaskett’s old band)
  • the super friendz – mock up/scale down (matt murphy of city field’s old band)
  • the inbreds – kombinator

it makes me happy that some of the best canadian musicians from the 90s are still making music.

8 Responses to “he’s reluctant to find he’s stuck in the 90s”

  1. 1
    meghan Says:

    How is the City Field album? I haven’t heard anything from it, but Matt Murphy is one of my favourite songwriters ever.

    Also, don’t know if you heard this already, but the Inbreds are playing a one-off reunion show Friday, March 11th at Lee’s Palace.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    city field is ok. matt doesn’t play an overly big role – mostly just harmonies. a couple of the songs are really catchy, but i’m still not quite sure about the primary male vocalist (whose name escapes me at the moment). he has his moments…

    and i did indeed know about the inbreds show…i’ve been hearing rumours about it since novemberish (thanks dave cyr!) hopefully i can go.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    ps. a shiny nickel to the first person who can identify the significance of the title of this post.

  4. 4
    anne... Says:

    it’s a line from the song ‘stuck in the 90’s’ by moxy fruvous. gimme my nickel… and it BETTER be shiny!!!

    ps. i’ll be seeing TCB tonight, so i’ll try to get an update on tickets for the inbreds show.

  5. 5
    pager Says:


    “buy a new gameboy…for the fun and the fashion! just for the passion!”

  6. 6
    anne... Says:

    the word is WINNER.
    pay up LOSER.

  7. 7
    robin Says:

    You’re all just a bunch of fun-lickers.

    -robin (the underwater adventure seeker)

  8. 8
    pager Says:

    i always considered myself more of a drink for all ages.

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