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28 Jan 05

metric – vocals + crowd surfing = entertaining nonetheless

poor emily haines. she (and consequently her band, metric) had a run of bad luck in the last week. first, last saturday at the mod club, her keyboard decided to conk out at the beginning of their mod club set, leaving her with nothing to do but sing and dance (although really, i can think of worse things…) then came last night.

metric were set to play in front of a sold out crowd at the elixir, but when they launched into their first song old world underground mitch commented that she could barely hear the vocals. i figured it was just a sound glitch that would be straightened out and, sure enough, i could hear her a bit better by the end of that song. after the song was finished though, emily pointed out that the band was sick – she was starting to lose her voice, the bassist had a runny nose, and their tour manager was essentially passed out on a couch in the back. that didn’t bode well. after a couple more songs, i wanted to run up and give emily some tea…her voice sounded awful, and i could only imagine how much it hurt to sing. during combat baby her voice essentially quit on her so she enlisted the crowd to help with the singing, which was met with great enthusiasm, and actually turned out quite awesome. they soldiered through a few more (i think they played 7 songs in total) and could play no more – at one point emily asked if there was a doctor in attendance to check whether she was doing permanent damage to her voice: “i don’t know, you don’t really LOOK like a doctor…” anyway, the band was tight, and the extended “dance party” version of dead disco kicked some serious ass (and included emily crowd surfing, complete with short skirt, which i’m sure the boys at the front weren’t complaining about) and i’m sure had she been well it would’ve been an amazing show.

i can’t forget to mention the openers, uncut, who powered through another great set. mitch commented early on that they looked really good on the elixir stage (sans cheesy lights) and i had to agree: very rock. the majority of their set was made up of songs from their full length, those who were hung hang here, and they capped things off with one of my favourites, understanding the new violence. while watching them, i was struck by how low the drummer’s kit is, including cymbals. maggie did some drunken investigation into this after the show and, according to the drummer, having everything low makes things easier for him – drumming’s just a flick of the wrist. i don’t know about that though – i think i preferred joel mcconvey’s full body drumming the other night.

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