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27 Jan 05

this errors lead to destruction!

perhaps microsoft INC (hehe) should think about hiring some new publicists:

Dear Sir/Madam,
We kindly ask you to install this update to your PC as soon as possible.
In the libraries of OS WindowsÆ critical errors have been found. This errors
lead to destruction of the system files from your computer without an
opportunity on restoration. The given service-pack fixes libraries and does not
allow various Trojan modules to penetrate into your computer.

Yours Faithfully,
Microsoft INC

it certainly was sweet of them to email me with “MsWindowsUpdate.rar” (nice choice of extension by the way), and my system is nice and protected from trojan module penetration as a result; however, did they hire my superintendant to write that email?

ps. yes, i am stupid enough to install anything that anyone sends me. anything. especially microsoft updates that are sent from

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