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26 Jan 05

joel plaskett + cuff the duke = gooooood

if you include thrush hermit shows, i’ve now seen joel plaskett perform more than 15 times, and i’ve yet to get tired of his show. i saw him last night at the elixir (less than two months after seeing his solo set at the grad club) and have come to the conclusion that boy really needs to take lessons from joel on how to put on a good show.

i’ll state up front that i’m rarely superkeen on shows at the elixir (especially given that last k-os fiasco), so i suppose there’s room for improvement, but i don’t really have many complaints. cuff the duke opened, which made up for any disappointment stemming from missing their headlining show a couple weeks ago, and gave their normal solid performance. wayne was wearing a lovely black suit, and was sadly somewhat limited in his normal audience participation (aka wandering through the crowd) by the venue, although he did find himself in among the front row during their last song. the guitarist, however, drew most of my attention, since it was the first time i was able to get a good look at him while he was performing. his ability to play the guitar with a bow is definitely impressive, but even more so is how he was able to play both guitar and keys at the same time in a song. so awesome. i think they played for around 45 minutes, and although the crowd wasn’t as appreciative as they should have been, i was satisfied.

the emergency played their normal fun set with ian mcgettigan on bass yet again (is he officially a fulltime member yet?) it was the first time i’d seen joel at the elixir since around 1997 when thrush hermit played there (when it was still called the trasheteria). my most vivid memory of that show was, during claim to lame near the end of the set, joel suddenly looking around and asking where ian had disappeared to. he’d wandered behind the giant “trasheteria” curtain at the back of the stage and continued to play back there. that of course doesn’t match the time that ian grabbed a bunch of toilet paper from the cafe diem washroom (conveniently located right behind their drum kit) and started tossing it around while they played…but i digress.

anyway, their set last night lasted around 2 hours (including encores), and included all of the normal favourites: work out fine, extraordinary, come on teacher, down at the khyber, maybe we should just go home, waiting to be discovered, clueless wonder (for mitch of course), written all over me, mystery and crimes, radio fly, the red light, an acoustic version of true patriot love, and others i’ve forgotten. he also threw in two songs from his forthcoming solo album, natural disaster and reasons i love this town. what was especially cool was that they didn’t just play an encore, but they played a 4 song encore. and then they came back and played 2 more songs after that. everyone went home satisfied. boy? take note.

one final note: what was up with all of the drunk older guys at the back of the elixir? for some reason, every one of them really enjoyed showing off their air guitar prowess, and one of them decided it would be a good idea to lift two barstools above his head and wave them around. on the plus side, sarah harmer was also there. woo. i don’t think i have to say anything more about that.

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    YAY Says:

    I was there last night and the show was AMAZING!!!! I LOVE Joel Plaskett and it was an awesome show 🙂

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