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21 Jan 05

boy oh boy, boy was drunk

last night was the official beginning of what i will refer to as “good show week”, also known as “no sleep week”. i was pleased that the week coincided with the onset of my cold, of course.

anyway, the week began with boy and shaker at the grad club. i knew nothing of shaker going in, except that they’d played a show at new music night not long ago. before they began their set (as they were setting up), mitch leaned over to me and asked for my prediction – would they be good? ear-bleedingly bad? somewhere in the middle? here’s how jaded i am: i pointed to the table of young groupies right in front of the stage and said something like “judging from them, they will be shit”. my initial opinions were clearly a bit harsh (although i was dead on about the groupies), but shaker were not good. their first song, an instrumental rock number, was pretty good, as was their closer. i got the sense that they weren’t entirely sure what kind of band they wanted to be, although it seemed to me that they were trying very hard to squeeze into the trews’ cultural space: inoffensive canadian guitar rock that jocks love (and indie kids don’t hate either). sadly, they’re no trews, and their 45 minute plus set seemed far too long. it did, however, have a lot of really lame and unintentionally funny choreographed rock star poses and kicks…

during their set, we found outselves staring at the groupies, one of whom was at the boy shows i saw last year too, playing the role of insane stalker. this time she and her friends (all apparently in the 18-19 year old range) also had their targets set on shaker – singing along to the songs, primping themselves constantly, etc. if there was any doubt, however, that their love for boy had diminished, it vanished when she and a large group of young girls (plus one asian guy – but a different asian guy than last year) stood close to the stage, enraptured.

ok, enough about the groupies. boy’s set was…interesting. they played mostly new songs (in fact, i think they only played one track from their first album), and the songs i hadn’t heard were pretty good – very sloan mixed with sam roberts. in fact, if i’d closed my eyes during various songs, i’m confident i would’ve thought it was either band on stage at any given point, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing i guess… what was most noteworthy about the set was the transformation of stephen (aka boy himself) since last year – he was very shy, quiet and humble when i last saw him, which was quite endearing. last night, however, he was a drunken and obnoxious rock star. i really hope that it was the alcohol talking (because he was HAMMERED) and that he’s not listening to his own press, ’cause that would be a real shame. the band wasn’t very tight during their feedback-filled set, but i think that can be blamed on the alcohol, and they ended after 45 minutes – the same as the opener. they played another 2 songs as an encore, then stephen went into the other room at the grad club and invited everyone to come play piano with him – which he did. anyway, in summary, it certainly wasn’t the best show i’ve seen lately, but at least the songs boy played were pretty good.

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    meghan Says:

    I liked Shaker more than you did (with the left-handed guitar, they’re so . . . SYMMETRICAL!), and liked Boy’s set less than you did, but I am in full agreement that it was one drunk-ass show. “Sea of Alcohol” was a very appropriate encore.

    Like most bloggers, I am way cooler on the Internet than in real life — my bad.

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