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17 Jan 05

“i will make sex with you” = a good way to increase pagerank

late last week, i was walking past the computer kiosks in the jduc and, as i usually do (because i’m a good little employee), i made sure each of them were functioning properly. when the screens exited power save mode, i found that someone with too much time on their hands had typed some clever messages into the login prompt dialog boxes. examples:

  • i love porno ( S E X )
  • i will make sex with you okay im gonna kill you before
  • i made your girlfriend CUM (heh heh)

clearly this was the work of a top-notch prankster…a top-notch prankster without the benefit of a grammar checker.

2 Responses to ““i will make sex with you” = a good way to increase pagerank”

  1. 1
    jo Says:

    i’m glad he (yes i’m assuming) clarified porno with a parenthetical sex…just in case we were confusing it with the non-sexual variety.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    the best part is that he wrote S E X, as though he were spelling it out.

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