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16 Dec 04

controller.controller’s disco blackout

finally, a 3 band bill that didn’t drive me insane.

last friday night, controller.controller played at the grad club with uncut and magneta lane, and it may have been the best 3 band show i’ve ever attended (although there is a bit of competition…) it’s interesting that i enjoyed it so much because i wouldn’t consider ANY of the bands to be superamazing independently, but none of them sucked away my will to live, as generally happens in such situations.

a pet peeve of mine is the cop out descriptor of “sounds like strokes” that is bandied about by any two bit reviewer these days, for essentially any band who’s bringing forth the rock. having said that…magneta lane sorta sound like the strokes, perhaps with chrissy hynde on vocals. their set was solid and fun, and i quite enjoyed watching the bassist play the entire set with her back to most of the audience, complete with several dozen careful hair flips that perfectly matched her high maintenance look (i mean, those HEELS!). they were good, but none of their songs really leap forth in my mind. what i remember most about their set, in fact, was the guy leaning against the wall in a cheesy tie doing the most blatant and sustained chicken neck i’ve ever seen.

after magneta lane came uncut, and they were very solid. i’d not seen them before and had only borrowed their cd from maggie earlier in the week, but i was definitely impressed by their set. lots of noisy guitars and two singers who can actually sing! for some reason they sorta bring to mind the stills or something, but without the pretension, perhaps mixed some joy division and a bit of controller.controller. not bad. and understanding the new violence is a great song.

controller.controller’s set was very similar to their show in october, i.e. fantastic. again: so much energy, bathed in red light, whipping the normally comatose grad club crowd into a frenzy. so good. they played pretty much everything from their history ep, as well as a bunch of tracks from their forthcoming album, and the weird thing about the night was that the crowd was full of insane dancing kids, but none of it seemed out of the ordinary for once.

the show wrapped up at around 1:30 or so, but it seemed much earlier than that. the energy of the bands, the quality of the music, and the overall organization of the night definitely helped – it was a refreshing change to not have to wait ages for each band to set up. in summary, 3 bands that didn’t suck in a show that was well executed = a good time.

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    vanessa Says:

    joy division was one of the first comparisons that came to mind for uncut for me, too, back when i first heard them, but i’ve listened to their album a lot and i think that new order is actually a more appropriate choice. (why do reviewers not name-check new order more often, anyway?)

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