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07 Dec 04

alun piggins will have to wait another few more years

yes, i was excited about seeing alun piggins. i busted out my mid 90s cds and listened to the morganfields’ thrash waltz a few times to celebrate. so, imagine my surprise when i arrived at the elixir tonight shortly after 11 (in breathless anticipation, no less), only to find the doors were locked. i’m not sure what that means – perhaps i’m the only alun piggins fan left in kingston? or, perhaps more accurately, the only one without exams? anyway, in summary, i’m pretty much heartbroken.

9 Responses to “alun piggins will have to wait another few more years”

  1. 1
    meghan Says:

    “all three acts are unable to travel due to the really shitty weather”

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    saddest story ever told. thanks, meghan.

  3. 3
    skelter Says:

    Sorry about that … Alun was first gonna get a ride with Shuyler, but Alun fucked up his back and cancelled most of the tour …
    we was then going to travel with Rocketface, but the story was that Toronto was all crazy due to freezing rain and shit like that …
    hopefully we can reschedule it for a time very soon

  4. 4
    anne Says:

    funnily enough, i discovered last night that alun piggins played a free show in toronto this past weekend just down the street from my house. if only we had known… i think that’s the definition of tragic.

  5. 5
    rock crew chris Says:

    Alun will be back opening for Serena Ryder at The Grad Club on Feb 12 🙂

  6. 6
    pager Says:

    that would be the best news ever if i was in town that weekend. stupid brian borcherdt conflicting…

  7. 7
    anne... Says:

    don’t fret, my pet… he’s also playing a free show down the street from my house on friday march 11, so perhaps that will end your losing streak.

  8. 8
    pager Says:


    and “my pet” indeed.

  9. 9
    anne... Says:

    i think that phrase was implanted in my brain by ’80s tv, or possibly archie comics…


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