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28 Nov 04

picture lilith fair with beatboxing…

friday night made up for my week of doing next to nothing.

first, i went to see the incredibles with maggie, which i’d recommend to anyone with a sense of humour. no sense of humour? pass on this one. one bit of weirdness: when did they start selling bags of popcorn right outside the theatre? is that a “service” for people who enjoy gorging themselves while watching a movie but aren’t able to wait in line for a few minutes? it didn’t help that the kid doing the selling had some serious low job satisfaction.

after the movie, i headed to the grad club to see some bands i’d never heard of. when i arrived, the lady racers were just wrapping up (3 girls strumming away and singing real purdy), and i’m not especially sorry i missed them. i’m sure they were good, but it wasn’t really my thing. po’ girl came on next, and they were also very lilith fair – a four piece with guitars, fiddle and drums, playing country/blues/folk that may well have been coma-inducing for me, except… midway through the set they introduced a guy named CR who came up on stage with a harmonica in hand. he played a mean harmonica in the first song he participated in, but didn’t really add much to the song…that is, until he started beatboxing with it. he was awesome, and by far the highlight of the set. he wasn’t done there though. a few songs later he stood in front of the stage, sans mike, and announced that we should think of him as a less masculine tracy chapman. then he proceeded to tell us a long stream of conciousness story that had everyone totally enraptured. he also busted some rhymes, played some more harmonica, and saved a set that really wasn’t my bag (although the rest of the audience, most of whom were sitting on the floor, and most of whom i unsurprisingly didn’t recognize from other shows, no doubt disagreed).

the po’ girl set went on for a really long time (which makes sense ’cause they were the headliners), but when they left the stage at just before 1, it turned out there was one last band to play called ox. we stuck around for their first couple songs, but we couldn’t stay any longer. i felt bad that an unknown band got screwed with a 1:10 start time, since 90% of the crowd left after po’ girl. i’m not sure exactly what happened there, but their first couple songs did sound good. maybe that’s a question for rock crew. (ps. i wish the rock crew site had more tables/graphics).

5 Responses to “picture lilith fair with beatboxing…”

  1. 1
    skelter Says:

    this one came down partly from the booking agent and from po’ girl.
    It was supposed to be just The Lady Racers and Po’ Girl … but then JT & The Clouds were added as support. For reasons unknown to me, it was changed to Ox.
    Po’ Girl decided when they got there that Ox should go on last cause they’re a little more rockin’ and upbeat and they thought it made more sense like that.
    I await your comments about three band bills 🙂

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    ha, no, i think i’ve covered my feelings about 3 band bills adequately in the past.

    poor ox. i guess this is why po’ girl aren’t promoters. they could’ve at least cut their set a bit short…

  3. 3
    robin Says:

    “the kid doing the selling had some serious low job satisfaction.”

    say that 3 times fast and you’ll understand my initial confusion about this posting.

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    at least i post more than once a month, captain critical.

  5. 5
    robin Says:

    I’ll have you know I’ve posted *twice* this month!

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