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24 Nov 04

“new music”, straight out of the 90s

awesome, alun piggins is playing the rock crew new music night on dec 7th. for those of you who don’t remember him, he was in the morganfields, aka 1 of only 2 bands who have ever sold me on a cd after seeing a video once. (the other, incidentally, was the gandharvas after the first day of spring video. write that down.) anyway, no doubt you have forgotten the morganfields, but there’s a chance that, if you’re approaching 30, you remember down the ladder or back here, two 90s cancon classics. the only “new” song i’ve heard from him since the final morganfields album was a song called heading out west from his solo full length balladesque that i’ve never gotten my hands on, so i’m pretty excited – although the name “new music night” is kind of silly in this case.

anyway, in summary, you should go. like me.

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