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22 Nov 04

my life clearly needs more lederhosen

well, my original plan of seeing hayden on saturday didn’t work out (although, by all accounts, he was awesome beyond description), but i was able to catch lederhosen lucil at the grad club, which was a pretty fun replacement.

before i get to fraulein lucil though, i have to talk about the openers. now, for long-time readers of chumptastic, parka 3 need no introduction…but if you’re new, here’s a quick rundown: parka 3, now defunct, may have been the most hilariously bad band i’ve ever seen. the last time i saw lucil, i wrote about them at length. as i said last time, you really need to hear them to appreciate the awfulness.

when we discovered that the openers for this lucil show were la guerre des tuques, we were actually excited to see how parka 3 had evolved. i mean, the last time we saw them, we laughed non-stop and definitely enjoyed it. unfortunately, this new band wasn’t nearly as bad – they no longer had the “singer” and are now made up of 9 people, most of whom aren’t really musicians or talented. most of them spent their time on stage playing a triangle, a snare, a bass drum, and various other small pieces of percussion. they also had a couple keyboards, a melodica, a xylophone and a clarinet (which, incidentally, was the definite highlight). anne’s analysis that they seem to want to be the next arcade fire is pretty accurate, but they have a long way to go. anyway, they didn’t embarass themselves, but really, if we’d seen la guerre des tuques first, we probably wouldn’t have remembered much about them. oh, and they have an mp3 up on their site as well, if you wanna check out their “new sound”. sadly, we weren’t nearly drunk enough to yell out a request for bustin’ loose, parka 3’s most memorable song – so memorable that i’m not the only one who knows it by name.

lucil herself came on after previewing her new video on the tv in the other room (which is quite funny incidentally…you should check out a clip from her website). she was again backed by a band, although i think i prefer her without, to be honest. this time they weren’t dressed up as her garden gnomes – instead they were mr. and mrs. nerd. her set was fun as always, but i had wished she’d spent more time bantering with the audience in character – that’s definitely the highlight of her shows. i quite enjoyed that audience members made her cupcakes (in an homage to her video) – when was the last time you saw that? oh, and she played ganglion. that made me happy.

one final note: the crowd was weeeeeeird. again, the couple from the andy stochansky show were gripping each other like it was the end of the world, but there were several new additions, most of whom looked like they’d never been to a concert of any kind in their lives. oh, and if you’re “dancing” in public, please please please keep the chicken neck to a minimum. and flannel has been out since 1994.

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    anne Says:

    and if you have to “dance” in the grad club while doing the chicken neck, please don’t wear a poncho & force people to twirl you around. people didn’t pay to see YOU.

    i liked your observation (not blogged) that they could’ve just had 1 person with a drum kit instead of six (6!) girls with various percussive instruments, but none of there were talented enough to handle an entire drum kit. sad, but true.

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