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16 Nov 04

bizarre day recap

today was a weird day. why?

  1. i ordered some printer supplies back on november 1st. i came across the invoice on my disaster of a desk today, so i decided to figure out what happened to my order. i called the company and the woman was mystified, telling me that they were shipped 3 days ago. i told her i’d go check around to see if someone else signed for them and forgot about it. as i stepped out of my office i ran into the courier…holding my printing supplies in his hand. strange that they arrived at the exact moment 15 days later that i decided to call about them…
  2. i spent a few minutes helping a woman at work today (as i am wont to do) and she sent me this in an email:
  3. yes your instructions were very clear..wish me success!! or should i say K’PLA !!

    i had no idea what “K’PLA” meant, so i googled it. apparently it’s klingon! keep in mind that i’ve never actually met this woman, so why she felt that including a klingon phrase in an email to me was a good idea is beyond me…

  4. there’s another fun ebay trend at the moment involving grilled cheese and the virgin mary. check it out before they’re removed!
  5. sadly, chumptastic is no longer the #1 hit when searching google for radical dudez. i enjoyed a good few month run at the #1 spot (not to mention #2, 4 and 5…) sadly, i’ve also dropped out of the #1 spot when searching for pete elkas…and have dropped all the way to page two. sigh.

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Date: 1883

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