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15 Nov 04

i can STILL say stochansky

anne and i spent a while the other day trying to remember details of the last andy stochanksy show we went to back in march, and i think that was indicative of the show itself. andy’s good and puts on an okay show, but it’s really nothing that stands out in my mind – which is why my “review” of that march show focused mostly on the zaniness of the crowd.

i was pretty much expecting the same from saturday’s show, truth be told – few memorable stories, but an evening of enjoyable music. i was pretty much right, although i thought saturday night’s show was better (and the crowd was less annoying).

the openers were the lost cause, made up of queen’s ex-pats stephanie earp and joel mcconvey, on guitar and drums respectively. i thought their first couple songs were quite good – upbeat, poppy and catchy – and then there was a long lull of several pretty uninteresting songs. they ended on a strong note, with a couple songs more in the vein of the first ones. all in all, not painful, but certainly not memorable. incidentally, how many two pieces have i heard lately? previously, the only one i’d ever seen live was the inbreds. i guess it’s a fad.

andy’s set was, as predicted, pretty enjoyable without a lot of stand out moments. i did particularly enjoy his rendition of wonderful and 22 steps, as well as that new song with a bunch of blackbird lyrics in the middle. the band was tight, and they added a few interesting volume changes (i forget the song, but i enjoyed it when they brought it right down and andy sang without a mic…very cool). possibly the most memorable thing about the band, however, was the hotness of the drummer (if you are predisposed to such things). i’ve mentioned him before since he also drums for matt barber – he’s hot enough to make mitch say “eeeeeeeeee!”

as for non-musical highlights, the most noteworthy point of the show was when someone offered him $200 to sing in church the following day.

andy: what kind of church?
random guy: uhh…normal church.
andy: …well, i am a whore…

there was some other fun fan interaction, including the girl who yelled out “I LIKE YOUR MUSIC”, as well as the fact that andy ended up bantering a bit with mitch and emily. that’s always fun. oh, and i can’t forget the couple who were standing directly beside me – he had an insanely tight grip on his (obviously) new girlfriend, who spent the entire set with her head on his shoulder. ok, we get it – you’re a couple…but you can hopefully coexist!

anyway, don’t get me wrong ’cause i do like andy, but man, i wish it had been starling instead.

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    meghan Says:

    That guy who asked him to sing at church was my pastor. So Andy did come in and play “One Day” and “Shine” on Sunday morning, and it was quite wonderful. It was nice because I thought about going to the show, but ended up moping at home in my sweatpants instead.

    And yes, Joel Stouffer IS hott.

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