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05 Nov 04

how to tell if someone voted for bush or not…

i’ve read a lot of discussions over the last couple days in which democrats have been looking for an explanation for the election results. one common question that piqued my interest: is there a relationship between intelligence/education and party affiliation? there is a (dubious) breakdown of election results by average iq, and you can take that for what it’s worth.

after reading these discussions, and using the men’s room in stauffer, a further question came to my mind: is there a correlation between the washing of one’s hands in the washroom and party affiliations? this came to mind as i correctly identifying a non-hand-washer in advance. i’m willing to bet that there is, but i’ll leave the actual proof as an exercise for the reader.

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    anne... Says:

    i think it’s a well known fact that intelligent/educated people don’t always have a lot of common sense, and i think that extends to handwashing. i can’t find a link to it, but i remember during my undergrad in micro we talked about a study done at an american society of microbiology annual conference. they had poor poor students in the washrooms recording handwashing frequency. it was shockingly low, something like 30%, and that was among MICROBIOLOGISTS!! maybe they were all republicans though… who knows?

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    sevenzarkseven Says:

    at work, we share a washroom with the people that work in the dental offices across the hall, as well as the woman that works at the bagel stop. none of them ever wash there hands.
    the moral to this story is, never go to a dentist or eat at the bagel stop in pickering.

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    pager Says:

    i bet they’d all vote for bush too. you should ask them.

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