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01 Nov 04

that’s “lerche”, not “lurchy”

oh sondre.

saturday night/early evening was the much anticipated sondre lerche show at lee’s palace. his show a few months back at the horseshoe sold out, and i’m pretty sure that lee’s was to capacity by the time he went on.

we arrived late and unfortunately only caught the last two songs by the golden republic, which is a shame because they sounded like a band i would’ve enjoyed – nothing fancy, just lots of guitars and fun, poppyrocky songs.

after they finished, there was a long pause with no activity on stage. the show started at 6, and since it was nearing 7:30 i was getting a bit nervous about getting enough of a sondre fix before the 9 pm curfew. at around 7:30 he strolled out on stage by himself and hooked up his guitar (no small feat since, as he told us, his sound engineer who usually looks after such things was sick and had to stay in new york city). he immediately launched into track you down (the unaccompanied version was surprisingly solid), and played a number of tracks from both faces down and two way monologue with just a guitar.

i’d like to point out that sondre lerche is happily an exception to my claim that i tend not to enjoy solo performers as much as full bands – john hyde really should take a lesson from him. his voice is fantastic, his songs are varied, with differing structures and time signatures…he blew me away. a highlight was definitely modern nature, his “romantic duet” in which he had the multiple adoring girls in the crowd sing the female part, as well as an a capella version of a bing crosby song. it was amazing how rapt the crowd was while he was on stage – i mean, i’ve seen performers like hayden struggle to be heard over obnoxious crowds, but the only audible noise at lee’s was the server’s apron full of change. was the early hour and hence the lack of drunkenness to blame?

anyway, the golden republic joined him on stage about two thirds of the way through his set, and it got even better. it was fun to see him rocking out on stage while trying to not tangle himself up in his cables that his sound engineer usually looks after. and the between song banter was beyond endearing – i especially loved it when he said “gee whiz”, prompting each of the golden republic to trade mild curses. when sondre asked which one he should remember, he was told that “fiddlesticks” is the one that everyone uses – but only when really upset. his pauses while struggling to find the right word made me appreciate his lyrics that much more.

he finally capped off the set with two way monologue, a song i’ve been obsessed with for the better part of the last year, and when he announced that he was wrapping up the crowd of course shouted “fiddlesticks!” he didn’t have enough time for an encore, so he sang an a capella verse of nat king cole’s the more i see you. i managed to fight through the crowd at the merch table and picked up his new ep – and he signed it, thus officially making it the first autographed cd i own. clearly it will someday be worth lots.

5 Responses to “that’s “lerche”, not “lurchy””

  1. 1
    andrea Says:

    rob, that was one of the most enjoyable entries on your blog i’ve ever read. makes me like you (and incidently sondre lerche) even more.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    thanks andrea. i wrote it just for you.

  3. 3
    ChuckLeChuck Says:

    Lucky… (I couldn’t make it to the show and my EPs remain pristine.)

  4. 4
    andrea Says:

    dude (read: rob). you ok? that wasn’t nearly as sarcastic a comment as i’m used to from you….

  5. 5
    anne Says:

    my favourite moment of banter was when the crowd helped him out with words like “spoiled” and “lazy” during a pause when he was trying to explain that his sound engineer normally took care of the stage set up. endearing banter + lovely music + signed cd (!!) = great b-day present. thanks again!

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