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28 Nov 04

picture lilith fair with beatboxing…

friday night made up for my week of doing next to nothing.

first, i went to see the incredibles with maggie, which i’d recommend to anyone with a sense of humour. no sense of humour? pass on this one. one bit of weirdness: when did they start selling bags of popcorn right outside the theatre? is that a “service” for people who enjoy gorging themselves while watching a movie but aren’t able to wait in line for a few minutes? it didn’t help that the kid doing the selling had some serious low job satisfaction.

after the movie, i headed to the grad club to see some bands i’d never heard of. when i arrived, the lady racers were just wrapping up (3 girls strumming away and singing real purdy), and i’m not especially sorry i missed them. i’m sure they were good, but it wasn’t really my thing. po’ girl came on next, and they were also very lilith fair – a four piece with guitars, fiddle and drums, playing country/blues/folk that may well have been coma-inducing for me, except… midway through the set they introduced a guy named CR who came up on stage with a harmonica in hand. he played a mean harmonica in the first song he participated in, but didn’t really add much to the song…that is, until he started beatboxing with it. he was awesome, and by far the highlight of the set. he wasn’t done there though. a few songs later he stood in front of the stage, sans mike, and announced that we should think of him as a less masculine tracy chapman. then he proceeded to tell us a long stream of conciousness story that had everyone totally enraptured. he also busted some rhymes, played some more harmonica, and saved a set that really wasn’t my bag (although the rest of the audience, most of whom were sitting on the floor, and most of whom i unsurprisingly didn’t recognize from other shows, no doubt disagreed).

the po’ girl set went on for a really long time (which makes sense ’cause they were the headliners), but when they left the stage at just before 1, it turned out there was one last band to play called ox. we stuck around for their first couple songs, but we couldn’t stay any longer. i felt bad that an unknown band got screwed with a 1:10 start time, since 90% of the crowd left after po’ girl. i’m not sure exactly what happened there, but their first couple songs did sound good. maybe that’s a question for rock crew. (ps. i wish the rock crew site had more tables/graphics).

24 Nov 04

“new music”, straight out of the 90s

awesome, alun piggins is playing the rock crew new music night on dec 7th. for those of you who don’t remember him, he was in the morganfields, aka 1 of only 2 bands who have ever sold me on a cd after seeing a video once. (the other, incidentally, was the gandharvas after the first day of spring video. write that down.) anyway, no doubt you have forgotten the morganfields, but there’s a chance that, if you’re approaching 30, you remember down the ladder or back here, two 90s cancon classics. the only “new” song i’ve heard from him since the final morganfields album was a song called heading out west from his solo full length balladesque that i’ve never gotten my hands on, so i’m pretty excited – although the name “new music night” is kind of silly in this case.

anyway, in summary, you should go. like me.

22 Nov 04

my life clearly needs more lederhosen

well, my original plan of seeing hayden on saturday didn’t work out (although, by all accounts, he was awesome beyond description), but i was able to catch lederhosen lucil at the grad club, which was a pretty fun replacement.

before i get to fraulein lucil though, i have to talk about the openers. now, for long-time readers of chumptastic, parka 3 need no introduction…but if you’re new, here’s a quick rundown: parka 3, now defunct, may have been the most hilariously bad band i’ve ever seen. the last time i saw lucil, i wrote about them at length. as i said last time, you really need to hear them to appreciate the awfulness.

when we discovered that the openers for this lucil show were la guerre des tuques, we were actually excited to see how parka 3 had evolved. i mean, the last time we saw them, we laughed non-stop and definitely enjoyed it. unfortunately, this new band wasn’t nearly as bad – they no longer had the “singer” and are now made up of 9 people, most of whom aren’t really musicians or talented. most of them spent their time on stage playing a triangle, a snare, a bass drum, and various other small pieces of percussion. they also had a couple keyboards, a melodica, a xylophone and a clarinet (which, incidentally, was the definite highlight). anne’s analysis that they seem to want to be the next arcade fire is pretty accurate, but they have a long way to go. anyway, they didn’t embarass themselves, but really, if we’d seen la guerre des tuques first, we probably wouldn’t have remembered much about them. oh, and they have an mp3 up on their site as well, if you wanna check out their “new sound”. sadly, we weren’t nearly drunk enough to yell out a request for bustin’ loose, parka 3’s most memorable song – so memorable that i’m not the only one who knows it by name.

lucil herself came on after previewing her new video on the tv in the other room (which is quite funny incidentally…you should check out a clip from her website). she was again backed by a band, although i think i prefer her without, to be honest. this time they weren’t dressed up as her garden gnomes – instead they were mr. and mrs. nerd. her set was fun as always, but i had wished she’d spent more time bantering with the audience in character – that’s definitely the highlight of her shows. i quite enjoyed that audience members made her cupcakes (in an homage to her video) – when was the last time you saw that? oh, and she played ganglion. that made me happy.

one final note: the crowd was weeeeeeird. again, the couple from the andy stochansky show were gripping each other like it was the end of the world, but there were several new additions, most of whom looked like they’d never been to a concert of any kind in their lives. oh, and if you’re “dancing” in public, please please please keep the chicken neck to a minimum. and flannel has been out since 1994.

22 Nov 04

feist = disco!

how cool is it that buck 65 is in feist’s new video? i also enjoy the fact that, even though it cost about $20 to make, it’s awesome.

16 Nov 04

bizarre day recap

today was a weird day. why?

  1. i ordered some printer supplies back on november 1st. i came across the invoice on my disaster of a desk today, so i decided to figure out what happened to my order. i called the company and the woman was mystified, telling me that they were shipped 3 days ago. i told her i’d go check around to see if someone else signed for them and forgot about it. as i stepped out of my office i ran into the courier…holding my printing supplies in his hand. strange that they arrived at the exact moment 15 days later that i decided to call about them…
  2. i spent a few minutes helping a woman at work today (as i am wont to do) and she sent me this in an email:
  3. yes your instructions were very clear..wish me success!! or should i say K’PLA !!

    i had no idea what “K’PLA” meant, so i googled it. apparently it’s klingon! keep in mind that i’ve never actually met this woman, so why she felt that including a klingon phrase in an email to me was a good idea is beyond me…

  4. there’s another fun ebay trend at the moment involving grilled cheese and the virgin mary. check it out before they’re removed!
  5. sadly, chumptastic is no longer the #1 hit when searching google for radical dudez. i enjoyed a good few month run at the #1 spot (not to mention #2, 4 and 5…) sadly, i’ve also dropped out of the #1 spot when searching for pete elkas…and have dropped all the way to page two. sigh.
15 Nov 04

i can STILL say stochansky

anne and i spent a while the other day trying to remember details of the last andy stochanksy show we went to back in march, and i think that was indicative of the show itself. andy’s good and puts on an okay show, but it’s really nothing that stands out in my mind – which is why my “review” of that march show focused mostly on the zaniness of the crowd.

i was pretty much expecting the same from saturday’s show, truth be told – few memorable stories, but an evening of enjoyable music. i was pretty much right, although i thought saturday night’s show was better (and the crowd was less annoying).

the openers were the lost cause, made up of queen’s ex-pats stephanie earp and joel mcconvey, on guitar and drums respectively. i thought their first couple songs were quite good – upbeat, poppy and catchy – and then there was a long lull of several pretty uninteresting songs. they ended on a strong note, with a couple songs more in the vein of the first ones. all in all, not painful, but certainly not memorable. incidentally, how many two pieces have i heard lately? previously, the only one i’d ever seen live was the inbreds. i guess it’s a fad.

andy’s set was, as predicted, pretty enjoyable without a lot of stand out moments. i did particularly enjoy his rendition of wonderful and 22 steps, as well as that new song with a bunch of blackbird lyrics in the middle. the band was tight, and they added a few interesting volume changes (i forget the song, but i enjoyed it when they brought it right down and andy sang without a mic…very cool). possibly the most memorable thing about the band, however, was the hotness of the drummer (if you are predisposed to such things). i’ve mentioned him before since he also drums for matt barber – he’s hot enough to make mitch say “eeeeeeeeee!”

as for non-musical highlights, the most noteworthy point of the show was when someone offered him $200 to sing in church the following day.

andy: what kind of church?
random guy: uhh…normal church.
andy: …well, i am a whore…

there was some other fun fan interaction, including the girl who yelled out “I LIKE YOUR MUSIC”, as well as the fact that andy ended up bantering a bit with mitch and emily. that’s always fun. oh, and i can’t forget the couple who were standing directly beside me – he had an insanely tight grip on his (obviously) new girlfriend, who spent the entire set with her head on his shoulder. ok, we get it – you’re a couple…but you can hopefully coexist!

anyway, don’t get me wrong ’cause i do like andy, but man, i wish it had been starling instead.

12 Nov 04

i’m not a google bomber

interesting. here’s a new use for movabletype spam:

IP Address:
Name: Whiny Communist Bitch
Email Address:

yup, one big google bomb. classy. i’m not gonna help them associate whiny communist bitch with that site.

update: apparently i wasn’t the only one to get spammed with this.

update #2: thanks to the incoming link from, my site’s traffic doubled over the weekend. woo! all-time high.

10 Nov 04

my pc is hazardous to my health?

from my laptop’s user guide:

Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a
chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects
or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.

eep. go toshiba.

10 Nov 04

whoa, i STILL have sideburns?

ANOTHER person complimented me on my new sideburns on the street today.

him: hey, looking good. how long have you been growing them? *motions to his sideburnish area*
me: ummm…a year and a half now?
him: NO!

again, i tried to make him feel better with the “well, i’m not wearing a ballcap today” comment, but really, wtf? if you haven’t been following this ongoing and enthralling saga, this isn’t the first time it’s come up

08 Nov 04



Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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