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29 Oct 04

controller.controller + gentleman reg

last night was the long-awaited organ/controller.controller/gentleman reg show at the grad club that they’ve been advertising since mid-september. i picked up my advanced tickets earlier in the week based on the knowledge that their toronto show sold out quite fast, but when we arrived at 10:15, we were faced with a totally empty room, and gentleman reg was already on stage. we were a bit confused, until we went to the bar to get drinks and were asked to go to the other room while the band finished their sound check. i’ve never had that happen before. so, we waited a bit, and then grad club virginia came in and gave us the scoop: apparently one of the bands was 3 hours late, so they herded the entire crowd upstairs to allow room to lug their equipment through. this also meant that, by the time the gentleman reg band started to REALLY play, it was crazy packed – apparently the show was sold out.

i have no proof of this, but i have a feeling that there was a height requirement imposed on the advanced tickets. i have no other explanation for how freakishly tall the crowd seemed to be. i’m used to being able to at least see a fraction of the stage at shows, but for the most part i found myself behind 6’5+ behemoths all night. crazy.

gentleman reg’s band went on first, and i’m not exactly sure how he got on the bill. his set was a bit inconsistent, but overall i quite liked his songs – he reminded me of a somewhat less talented carl newman (was it the lisp? the wide variations in vocal pitch? his looks? yes, i know, carl’s a redhead, but still…) i much preferred his up-tempo songs, a couple of which felt like they lifted the lead guitar straight from an old plumtree track, and one that borrowed the riff from cornershop’s brimful of asha. all in all, catchy. i’m not sure what was up with his on again/off again faux british accent either, but i thought it was pretty funny.

controller.controller were up second, and they were who i was most excited to see. they opened for the dears last year and i quite enjoyed their post-punk dancerock set, even though it was in the vacuous wasteland that is the elixir. last night’s set was more intense – bathed in red light, with a crowd that was crazy into it, motoring through an hour of catchy and danceable (although, fuck, don’t dance madly in a super packed grad club!) !!!-esque tracks. i have no clue what the vocalist was singing about, but i don’t really care – it was all about the rhythm section for me. in spite of the fact that i could only see for a fraction of the time, i liked their set enough to want to see them again when they return in a month.

unfortunately, because everything started so late, we had to ditch before the organ took the stage. i’ve heard mixed reviews about their live show (confirmed last night by someone who left after two songs) so i’m not too upset. up next: memphis, followed by sondre lerche. woo.

5 Responses to “controller.controller + gentleman reg”

  1. 1
    meghan Says:

    He DOES look like Carl Newman!

    Also, I saw The Organ live this summer and they were not so good.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    that seems to be the consensus. no great loss i guess.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    upon further analysis, i submit that gentleman reg is a combination of jonathan torrens (of street cents, jonovision and trailer park boys fame) + ac newman. discuss.

  4. 4
    skelter Says:

    It would have been The Unicorns that c.c opened for at Elixir … Raising The Fawn opened for The Dears in May 🙂

  5. 5
    pager Says:

    holy shit, how could i have forgotten? that unicorns / controller.controller / fred eaglesmith show was the strangest idea ever.

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