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24 Oct 04

hopefully the last cogeco post for a while

another round of dealing with cogeco has come to a close (i think).

ok, i wrote that sentence about 5 minutes ago, and i randomly happened to look over at my cable modem, and i discovered that my “service” light was off. so, i guess i may have been a bit premature in my declaration.

anyway, i had a service call on saturday at 8 am (zzzzz) that was pretty ridiculous. the guy tested my modem (it passed – as i knew it would), and then tested my coax. he found that my levels were basically low enough that a slight breeze would knock me offline, and then went on a rant about how the signal strength was amazing up on the roof, but it’s queen’s fault that they’re never allowed to fix the lines that actually lead into everyone’s apartments, blahblahblah. so, he shrugged his shoulders and told me he’d go look up on the roof but he was sure that he wouldn’t find anything up there. so, i asked what i should do about this. he suggested that i move. no joke. when he left he told me he’d only come back down if he found a problem upstairs, but not to count on it, so i went back to bed.

about 20 minutes later he woke me up again with a knock on my door. he DID find something – apparently a “fix” he put in place last weekend was wreaking havoc on my service, and likely that of everyone else in my building (which, incidentally, begs the question – why did tech support tell me that everyone else’s service was great when i asked?) he told me that he’d fixed his fix, and things should be fine from now on. there is more work to be done on monday to make things more stable, but i guess i’ll believe that when i see it.

(Update: this was post #700. crazay.)

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