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07 Oct 04

it’s not like living in vic hall…

after living here for 4+ years, bobby orr tower finally had its first fire alarm. it was amazing to me how many people crowded around the front walkway that i DIDN’T recognize. the highlight of the experience was observing what my building-mates wear while inside their apartments – let’s call it asian loungewear, for lack of a better word. lotsa pyjama pants, shorts (in the freezing), and bizarre t-shirt+dress pants/dress shirt+track pant-type combinations. good times were had.

the official explanation, as i heard it from campus security, was a “cooking problem” on the 8th floor. i can only imagine this month’s building newsletter:

-plastic bowls should not be placed on one’s stove
-rice should not be cooked over an open flame
-barbecuing should not be done indoors
-do not try to dispose of items that are aflame down your drain

only time will tell.

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