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07 Oct 04

i can be pretty stupid in the morning

this morning began with me almost forgetting i had an appointment to drop my car off for servicing, and hence not rushing like i should have. i ended up arriving at the garage about 5 minutes late, which wasn’t too bad. i dutifully left my keys in the ignition as they request (which took a great deal of effort), but unfortunately i didn’t put forth enough effort to prevent myself from locking my door as always. in summary, locking one’s keys in one’s car at a garage is somewhat embarassing. they were able to cut a new key, so all was not lost, but it still sucked.

another story of note from my day: when i arrived at work, i discovered that a support call had been placed by my favourite teacher from highschool, so i insisted on calling him back. he’s apparently a vice principal now, and it was kind of cool to catch up with him. it was also nice to know that he remembered me 9 years later.

2 Responses to “i can be pretty stupid in the morning”

  1. 1
    sevenzarkseven Says:

    who was your favourite teacher?

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    ok ok, one of my favourite teachers. this favourite teacher was wilf gray. i can’t really forget bowen or christie though.

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