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04 Oct 04

the constantines: better off inside

i’m working my way through the backlog of shows i saw last week, slowly but surely. here’s my next installment:

it’s about time i got to see the constantines in a venue other than a big outdoor setting, which isn’t really their forte. they played a show last thursday at the elixir (i know i know, it’s not optimal, but still better…) with jim guthrie, and it was what i’d hoped it would be. they had a difficult act to follow, since the arcade fire played the night before and blew my mind, but they were up to the task.

i’ve read a lot of good things about jim guthrie (in fact, i don’t think i’ve EVER read a bad review of him), but as much as i’ve wanted to enjoy his music, nothing i’d heard before ever wowed me. having said that though, his set was better than i expected, although i’ll admit that i talked through much of it. his music was inoffensive and struck me as pretty good background music, although i really think he could’ve done without the sax player. i also don’t really consider him to be a good opener for the cons. i know i know, he’s on 3 gut too (and is undoubtedly a friend) but if the cons are interested in getting the fans excited and into the show before they hit the stage, jim guthrie may not be the best way to do it.

the constantines didn’t exactly get off to a blazing start. they started off kinda slow, and the crowd took a while to get into it as a result, but once they launched into young lions at around song #4, they hit their stride. at this point, the crowd’s fist pump/devil horns level increased dramatically, as did my enjoyment. they played much of their shine a light album, with the obvious highlights of nighttime/anytime, on to you and the title track. their encore was definitely the peak though (in spite of the rather lacklustre welcome back from the crowd) – they opened with a cover of the hip’s 50 mission cap, as sung by the keyboardist, and the finale ended up with members of the band lost in the crowd, perched on the side bar, and climbing on tables. intense, and worth my 3rd straight 2 am evening.

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