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26 Sep 04

cuff the duke: disorganized but energetic

belatedly, here are a few quick words about wednesday night’s cuff the duke show:

mitch and i arrived at the grad club quite early, and virginia (the gc’s manager) rushed over to us and told me that she’d found my website (hence the matt barber comment). she also mentioned that she’d booked joel plaskett for two nights in november, and told stories about the wolf island festival, sarah harmer and jill barber. woo.

the openers were called moses mayes (no relation to matt mays, who i saw the previous saturday – although perhaps the addition of an ‘e’ might’ve given that away to astute readers), and i knew nothing about them. they’re a pretty talented instrumental 7 piece funk band – picture the new deal without the polish and with a fuller sound (complete with a small horn section, no less). lots of fun jamming to in front of a mostly unappreciative crowd seated in their chairs. truthfully, moses mayes should not have been on the same bill as cuff the duke – funk + apparently the combination can be attributed to the fact that both bands share a booking agent. regardless, i enjoyed their set and the amount of fun they seemed to be having, in spite of the crazy heat.

cuff the duke played an energetic set, as i’d expect from them. they played a good mix of old and new to a jam packed crowd who (surpisingly to me) seemed to know every lyric from life stories for minimum wage. their new stuff has, for the most part, a little bit less of a country feel than the old, but there are some clear exceptions. the only downside to the evening was the fact that ctd had been touring for a while in opening slots (for hayden – cool), so they weren’t used to playing headliner-length sets. combine this with the lack of a set list, and there was a LOT of between-song discussion about which songs they remembered how to play, totalling, by our estimation, at least 20 minutes to a half hour. regardless, i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of watching wayne petti’s guitar-neck-in-the-air stance, or his tendency to roam through the crowd with reckless abandon, tangling fans in his cables as a result.

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    Mitch Says:

    I am impressed (bewildered?) by that one super energetic song/instrumental/jam/riff that ensued following an unintelligible request from a fan (unintelligible b/c we were on the other side of the room). As Rob said to me, how does one request something like that? I don’t know if it was an actual Cuff the Duke song, so maybe that would solve the mystery.
    For some reason, it reminds me of the moment when someone yelled “Assignment in SPACE!” at Hayden in Grant Hall, only Hayden didn’t break into some inspired instrumental display.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    oh yeah, i can’t believe i forgot to mention that guy (that’ll teach me to post so belatedly). i can’t imagine that “song” had a name – it seemed totally improvised, complete with running through the crowd and random nonsense words yelled into the mike.

    and i’m still bitter that hayden didn’t break out assignment in space for us.

  3. 3
    okeydokes Says:

    your site is awesome. it’s serving my insomnia well.

    there was a set list that night. i have it…somewhere.

    the “improvised” song might be “mexican wrestling anthem” (its random nonsense words are mainly “hey!”), if it’s the song i think you mean. and if it is, then the guy who requested it incessantly that night was the journal’s a&e editor.

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