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19 Sep 04

some advice for the radical dudez. oh, and matt mays was there too…

mitch and i went in search of fun last night, and ended up at the brew pub for a couple hours (complete with the requisite emaciated scott baio sighting, as well as having to put up with an overly starey woman seated beside us), followed by the grad club to see matt mays and el torpedo as well as the radical dudez. it should be pointed out that neither matt mays nor the radical dudez were exactly a big draw for us – the dudez have been inconsistent live (and truthfully i’m sure we’ll get another dozen chances to see them this year if we are really interested), and matt mays’ music, from what we knew, was good but certainly not great. but, we went anyway.

we arrived early enough to watch the rather odd mix of people filing in for the show, many of which could immediately be pegged as friends of the radical dudez (not exactly a leap when one of them was actually wearing a t-shirt reading “i’m here for the radical dudez”), as well as some overly done-up girls who really didn’t fit into the grad club at any time. after waiting around for a while, the dudez took the stage and played a reasonably inoffensive set that varied between pretty good and pretty awful.

advice for the dudez:
1. stop letting the 2nd guitarist/keyboardist sing. his “harmony” absolutely killed a couple of songs.
2. what’s up with the girl? she’s no joan smith, and she added next to nothing to the set…although i was amused at the tight dress she was wearing, which she’d hiked up with jeans underneath.
3. why don’t the bassist and especially the drummer sing more? the lead singer is okay, but the drummer’s songs were my favourite.

mitch really didn’t like their set at all. i certainly wasn’t wowed, but it wasn’t THAT bad. what was amazing to me, though, was how into it the crowd was. how do all of these people know every word to every song? bizarre.

matt mays and el torpedo came on eventually, and i enjoyed their stage decorations including a large eagle rug stuck to the wall, and various bowling trophies strewn about the stage. we stuck around for 4 or 5 songs, all of which were pretty good roots rock, kind of reminiscent of the skydiggers or guthries. the highlight of the set happened off stage, when an 07 con eddie arrived. at first it wasn’t clear to me whether he was just really drunk or simply mildly retarded (shouting out at the band “do you need a new bass player? pick me!” completely out of the blue was one sign). he did an awful lot of swaying, culminating with the random dropping of a pint of beer (which i thankfully missed). anyway, i was only familiar with a handful of songs ahead of time, and they didn’t really grab us enough to make us want to stay past 12:30, so we headed out early.

8 Responses to “some advice for the radical dudez. oh, and matt mays was there too…”

  1. 1
    adam bell Says:

    hi. i’m adam bell and i’m a radical dude. i’d like to apologize on behalf of the band for our not so shimmering performance at the grad club. you obviously weren’t impressed and i’m sorry you paid $8 for that. we’re still rusty, we’ve been trying new things out vocally and I appreciate your feedback. and yes jason (the drummer) writes amazing songs and I’ll do my best to get better. if you want to give us a second chance we’ll be unplugged at the grizzly grill thursday october 7th. thanks for supporting local music.


  2. 2
    Andy Says:

    Hi, I’m the old bass player from The Radical Dudez and I just got kicked out of the band because of your little blog. I just want you to know you will all pay for this.

    matt sharp

    p.s. if you want a free Dudez t-shirt email us at

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    i think it may be nearly time for the radical dudez to create their own website. i wonder if they’re getting tired of having chumptastic as their #1 link in google?

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    also: why does “matt sharp” sign his name “andy”?

  5. 5
    robin Says:

    matt sharp used to be the bass player for weezer, who got kicked out of the band way back in the day.

    but why would the dudez’ bass player get kicked out due to your blog, when he was one of the few people in the band that you were complimentary to?

    look on the bright side: the real matt sharp at least has a recording contract with boompa records.

    dudez: I’ll make a site for you! hurry up before I register and dedicate it your ex bass player.

  6. 6
    pager Says:

    well, what i didn’t point out was the on-going conversation at that show about how it was the bassist’s last show. i couldn’t figure out at the time if it was just an in-joke or if he was really leaving, and i’m still not really sure.

    i’m sure one of the radical dudez will be posting again shortly to clarify for us – this is their official messageboard now i think.

  7. 7
    Ben Cohen Says:

  8. 8
    David Messer Says:

    I was at this show and we were just sitting here, ten years later saying how amazing it was. When we decided to go on the internet to see if anyone had been there at faithful night, what we came across was this. And I must say, I find your opinion both narrow minded and off the mark.

    Shame on you sir.

    While we all of course discuss Anna’s sartorial choices (girl singer), I am disappointed that this played such a central role in your reaction to what was primarily an auditory performance all those years ago.

    That said I’d tell you to continue to support the arts.

    God Speed

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